Sunday, 4 March 2012

NOTD: H&M Spark Me Up & Rimmel Blue My Mind

I was about to take off my beautiful blue shade from the weekend and I remembered about the amazing Spark Me Up polish by H&M that I brought last week. Paired with the blue shade, the big and little bits of blue, silver and red glitter, look amazing! The Rimmel 60 second shades work really well with having a glitter coat on top too!

I know they look short to you guys but I'm so proud of my nails now! They are actually long enough to do a French Manicure, I think i may have to go out and invest in a kit to do them! It feels great to finally have beating my nail biting habit, it's so weird to be able to file my nails instead of crying like a baby because I've bitten them too short and they hurt haa! I've also managed to curb my habit of picking the nail varnish off to stop myself biting my nails, maybe I'm finally growing up!
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