Monday, 5 March 2012

Gosh Quattro Eye Shadow: 46 Blooming Forest

I brought this Gosh eye palette on Ebay for the grand total of £2, such a bargain!
I love Gosh products but for eye shadows and things like that, I really don't like paying a lot of money for them, mainly because I never use them to their full potential and the majority of the time they just sit in my drawer. I have, however, been wanting to try some colours different to my usual gold and brown combo, but I'm quite lazy. So although I love my gorgeous huge eyeshadow palettes, I do love when you get a palette already perfectly paired. So this Gosh palette was the perfect solution; a green combo and a purple combo! I can't find this exact palette online, but I can find some from the same group, this Aquarius one looks fantastic if you like bright colours and have £8.49 to spare!

I really do love the name of this palette, Blooming Forest is really cute, but I love the swatched colours even more! I cannot wait to try it out! The palettes also come with an applicator which is handy. It even has four different sides so you can use a different bit for each colour!

It will be great to see how long the product lasts on the skin and how it looks, for £8.49 retail I do expect it to be a great product!
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