Sunday, 4 March 2012

My recent dip into aromatherapy!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been trying out scented candles and different oils to try and relieve stress. I've really been struggling to sleep and relax recently, so I've been willing to try most things!

On Tuesday I tried out my Body Shop incense burner that I brought in my recent haul and tried the Green Tea & Lemon oil, which TBS claims "helps refresh the mind". I really loved it, it filled the room with a really lovely fragrance which was actually noticeable! (The Tesco driver even noticed when he dropped off my shopping!). Basically you remove all the packing on the item after you've brought it, take the top section off and then fill half with  water. Then choose the oil you want to use and drip a few drops into the water. Light a tea light and place in the base and leave until the tea light burns out! It's really great to use a product that smells nice and actually fills the house with a nice fragrance! I have to admit just having a candle lit is really therapeutic for me!

Another thing I've been using is one of my new Yankee Candles! This week I lit Shea Butter & Cedarwood which is from the dedicated aromatherapy range by Yankee and it smells amazing! Even when the candle wasn't lit Chris kept asking me what the smell was! Yankee say that "Nourishing shea butter and balancing cedarwood help relieve stress and soothe your soul." Win-win!

I'd definitely recommend both these products if you're stressed out or even just a fan of candles and oils!

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