Sunday, 8 January 2012

High Street Brand Nail Polish

Some of my collection
One of my many weaknesses in life is Nail Varnish, which is ludicrous really if you’d seen my nails – well you can’t they are practically non-existent!
I have really small hands and fingers too, so they grow wide rather than long! I also have a habit of biting my nails, especially whenever I’m stressed, I don’t think I’ve ever had long nails. Despite all this, my love for nail polish remains, especially for painting my toe nails, but also my fingernails! If you’ve read my blog a lot you’ll know I’m not a designer  brand buyer, I’m a student and I know it, the high street is my home! So I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on nail polishes I own and devour, I’ve broken them into three categories; 
  1. Expensive and so worth it
  2. Cheap and fantastic
  3. Cheap and nasty 
I’d really love to hear your views on this so feel free to comment!

Expensive and so worth it

No.7 - £7

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colours, for beautiful glossy colour that stays perfect for upto five days.

I love No.7, it does exactly what it’s supposed to. The colours are vibrant and deep, the coat dries quickly, doesn’t smudge and you rarely need two coats. It lasts for ages, I have a habit of picking nail varnish off, but when I don’t it lasts a good week on my fingers and at least 2 on my toes! What’s better is that if you shop at boots, they give away £5 vouchers for No.7 all the time, with this voucher you can bag a nail polish for just £2 which is so worth the money!

I give No.7 8/10

Barry M - £3.99

Barry M Nail Paint gives a quick drying, hard wearing base thats suitable for both natural and acrylic nails.
My new love
I was always weary of Barry M, my best friend really raves about their range of nail polishes and I’ve always wanted to try them! Recently if you brought two Barry M nail varnishes in boots you got the limited edition glitter absolutely free, so I used my Boots Advantage Card points to treat myself. I wasn’t disappointed! Barry M does everything No.7 does but it’s a tad more fashionable. I always get this feeling that No.7 is made to impress women a lot older than myself, so sometimes the colours are lacking when you want something a bit more edgy. Barry M provides this; the colours have a huge range and are great fun! I personally think that Barry M’s nail polish smudges a lot more easily and dries slower but their glitters are much better than No.7!


Cheap and fantastic

Collection 2000 - £1.79

For a cheap nail polish this really does the trick. I’m not saying this dries overly quick or lasts well but if you’re looking for a nail polish you want to wear for just a couple of days or to a special event, this is cheap and looks good.
My more expensive nail polishes have now kind of taken over and these are now barely used

See some of the range here.


Cheap and nasty

17 - £2.99

The dust says it all!
I really think this stuff is naff, the colours are really disgusting, it doesn’t last well and also the actual bottle of nail varnish tends to “go off” you know what I mean, when your nail varnish goes hard and sticky and you can’t use it? Definitely worth steering clear in my opinion! However, whilst researching I've seen that 17 have actually rebranded and have a new more expensive range, which I might give a go!


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