Monday, 2 January 2012

My best bits of 2011

I thought I'd compile a selection of photographs to outline my best bits of 2011! 2011 has been a great year for blossoming friendships and successful career movement, University and family, as well as love, and I'd like to thank everyone that has shared it with me! I would also like to thank those reading this! It's actually been an amazing year, sorry they are not in alphabetical order! Hope you all have had a great year!

April 2011 - N-Dubz & Professor Green Live

Shots of the live performances

November 2011 - Top Gear Live (press)

The Cool Wall

June 2011 - Filming at Glastonbury

Katy B live on the Dance East stage
Me on camera at Left Field

August 2011 - Italy

Me and Chris in Pisa
Our second villa in Italy

September 2011 - Silverstone 

The brand new wing at Silverstone
December 2011 - Busking Documentary in London
Big Ben at dusk

December 2011 - Clothes Show Live (press)

April 2011 - The Look Fashion Show

Sarah Harding making her debut

September 2011 - The birth of Hourglass Productions

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