Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Photobox 24 Hour Challenge

Things beginning with P - Penguin
So this Friday I've been stuck inside with a crooked neck, I couldn't even go and film the last graduation ceremony at work as I was in agony! But Photobox have been running their 24 hour photo challenge. Basically they give you a topic/theme on the hour, every hour for 24 hours and you find the best/most creative picture you can.
The rule is that the photo has to be taken within that hour, so no photographs taken in the past are allowed to be used! It has to be something there and then! I have to be honest, I just thought the challenge was a bit of fun, but there are plenty of professional photographers outshining my photos by the minute! Hey-ho it's all good fun! I'm absolutely knackered and keep telling myself that I'll sleep between the hours and wake up and take photographs, but I'm pretty sure that I'll sleep straight through and mess it up! There is a prize if you manage 15 hours of challenges in a row, but I'd have to not miss a single challenge from now - unlikely! Anyway here of some of my submissions to the challenge, I hope I'll be able to do a few more but I fear that's wishful thinking!

Tube Stations - Canada Water

Food Glorious Food - Chris' Mum's Birthday Cake

Things that bring Joy - Love

Speed - Lightning Mcqueen "I AM SPEED"

Self Portrait - Things that make me me

 Close up - Chris' eye

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