Thursday, 17 November 2011

My week in pictures

Still absolutely manic here with Uni projects and personal stuff, I've unfortunately had some rubbish news, my mum's dad has been very ill for a long time but he's reaching the end now, so things are a little emotional. I've honestly never seen her so low. I've never seen her pray or post such status' on Facebook and it's pulling me apart not being able to be at home with her. If there's a time she needs me it's now! But I have a huge Uni assignment which I cannot miss, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want me to see her so low. I will have to see how it goes, only time will tell. But everyone get wishing on them stars! I've got no time to write a proper blog tonight, but enough time to post my week in pictures!

Luke and his birthday present

Nothing major happened this week, well not that I took a photo of anyway! I've been slacking! As mentioned in my last blog I saw my beautiful baby brother and sister over the weekend and on the left is me, Chris and Zane and Kayla, I had the best evening with them and it's made me miss them so much! Today we celebrated a birthday in advance of my Uni friend Luke, he turns 21 on Saturday, he's a little extra-curricular but we love him for it, hahaha! I hope you have a great birthday and enjoy all your celebrations Luke!

Right top; my new gadget! A wireless speaker, I plug a little USB in my Mac and I can take this anywhere in the house and hear my music! I'm in love with it! Right bottom; my beautful candles my best friend brought me last year for Christmas! What a babe.
I had to start wrapping Christmas presents yesterday! I know, really early, but there's bloody tons of them and if the snow comes I'll never get them home on the train. So when Chris' mum visits for her birthday next weekend, she's going to take them home for us! Costa is taking over my life, I'm totally addicted to the Praline Latte still and it was the only thing that kept me alive during travelling over the weekend!
The Top Gear Cool Wall; I cannot leave out Top Gear live - an absolutely amazing show put on by the lads, well worth seeing if you have the chance to go in London!
I will blog something more interesting soon guys! I promise!
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