Sunday, 30 October 2011

My weekend in pictures

Nothing majorly exciting happened this weekend, I spent it mainly in my PJ's just relaxing. Also a lot of cleaning, cooking and working my way through a heap of uni work that I needed to get done. I made a bit of progress with the eight-minute documentary on Busking. Recruted a few buskers who want to help us out, sent about 100 emails to people of interest, loads of research on the topic and looked up the filming permit we need for the underground! I vowed to myself that I would use my camera more, I got it so I could take some decent photographs at Glastonbury and it cost me a fortune, I don't think it should be sitting in a draw, so here is my weekend in pictures!

Chris' best friend turned 21 so we made him a chocolate cake. Two layers of chocolate sponge filled with vanilla icing, covered in chocolate frosting, topped with grated white chocolate and white stars and mini chocolate beans!
Following on from my blog about shabby chic, my beautiful magnets arrived from Ebay!
Look Magazine for £1 = BARGAIN. I much prefer Cosmo and such, but I need to start cutting back on magazines which I barely read, so this was the perfect solution.
Homemade lasagne! One of my favourite meals, was so scrummy!
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