Saturday, 29 October 2011

All I want for Christmas is cute baking accessories!

Those who are reading along with my blog will know that following making our documentary on a cake maker, my love for making and baking has probably tripled! I don't even like eating them (contrary to what most people believe!) but I love people's faces when you bring them yummy things. I'm totally in love with the whole Shabby Chic thing at the moment, my flat is starting to get more and more cluttered with cute things that I keep buying from Next and Ebay, which Chris just keeps moaning about. I think he should count himself lucky though, because if we were allowed to decorate and put things on the wall he'd definitely find himself in Shabby Chic land. I'm far too addicted! So my love for Shabby Chic has spreaded and I've found myself lusting over beautiful baking things, one of my friends from Uni is buying me a cake stand which i'm mega excited about, but my need for cute baking accessories goes much further than that, here are just three things that I'm in love with! God I've just realised how sad I sound, but I have to admit I'm quite happy to have found a hobby that I'm really enjoying, even if it is mega expensive! 

Cake stand - Next - £14, Measuring spoons - Next - £5.50, Mixing bowl - Debenhams - £15
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