Sunday, 10 June 2018

Father’s Day by Lush | Gifts For Dad

If you’re still looking for something special (and different) for Father’s Day, this little blog post is especially for you! I have to admit that I’m really impressed by the Father’s Day gift range from Lush this year. Purely because Lush isn’t one of those brands that I would have paired with Father’s Day. However, not only are the gifts really cute, but they are actually dad-appropriate (they are definitely not just feminine products with slightly different packaging). So, with all this lovely stuff in mind, let’s take a look at some of the cool products that Lush have to offer!

Dirty Spring Wash – Naked Shower Gel*
If you’ve missed the “naked” campaign from Lush this year, it’s time to catch up! As they are minimising packaging by making some of their most famous product types, completely packaging-free. This version of the Naked Shower Gel is called ‘Dirty Spring Wash’ and it’s apparently inspired by the mountains. I am absolutely obsessed with the minty-freshness of this product, it’s perfect scent to wake up to in the morning. Inside the ingredients list you have menthol crystal, spearmint oil chill and thyme oil, for a refreshing scent. Run the Naked Shower Gel under the water, let it rather up and wash away the dirt, whilst cleansing your mind! 

Moustachio – Soap*
The next product has the exact same scent and ingredients, but built into the coolest soap I’ve ever seen! The Moustachio comes in loads of different styles, but I have the blue version, which is decorated with a black moustache. The soap is completely free of palm oil and is handmade which fresh mint, spearmint oil, menthol crystals and thyme! Lush recommend grabbing all three soaps and making faces with little ones (or yourself of course). 

Fun For All The Family - Bubble Spinner*
Now I’ve seen a couple of the Bubble Spinners from Lush and are they not just the most fun thing? Of course this one is themed with a blue colour scheme, which is the perfect match for Father’s Day. The Bubble Spinner has switched the mint theme for citrus scents, with ingredients including lime and orange. Hold the Bubble Spinner under the running water and give it a spin to create gorgeous bubbles. The Bubble Spinner will last for multiple baths, so perfect for sharing! 

Superdad - Bath Bomb*
Finally, we have the Superdad Bath Bomb, and I just can’t get over how cute it is! As the name suggests, it’s comic book themed and has the word dad across the front in the cutest typography.  The bath bomb has the ability to turn boring water, into the perfect pamper zone, featuring guaiacwood and sandalwood which is a perfect woody smoky scent. 

So, there you have it! If you’re struggling for ideas for next week’s main event, head into your local Lush store and pick up some treats!

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