Thursday, 31 May 2018

Thursday Tittle-Tattle #07 | 2018

Hope, Freedom, Love just wouldn't feel complete without my 'Thursday Tittle Tattle' series! 'Thursday Tittle Tattle' has to be my longest running blog series and its home to the posts that get the best feedback from my readers. I'm chuffed that so many of you like it and I'm glad to say it's going nowhere! Thursday Tittle-Tattle is back in 2018, dedicated to bringing you breaking news of the beauty world! Check back (almost) every week to see beauty and lifestyle news, events, discounts and even a bit of fashion news thrown in too)! 

Benefit introduce new cheek palette: Benefit Blush Bar
Benefit fans can squeal with excitement as they’ve just introduced a very exciting new release. It’s a brand-new cheek palette called the “Benefit Blush Bar”, featuring both bronzers and blushers, in a limited-edition combination palette. The palette even includes the new Gold Rushwarm golden-nectar blush, plus the iconic Hoola matte bronzer and the bestselling Dandelion powder. It arrives in a gorgeous palette, with lots of hints and tips on how to apply the lovely shades!

New Sunkissed Summer Collection from Clarins
The new summer collection from Clarins has dropped and it’s pretty spectacular! They have everything you need for summer, infused with a special touch of Miami glamour. The collection includes the Limited Edition Bronzing & Blush Compact, which is available in three bronze and peach shades to complement all skin tones. The best bit however, is the fact that it’s presented in a luxurious caramel case decorated with pink flamingos. The collection also has a new shade of the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, in the shade “08 Blackcurrant”. 

Garnier Introduce New UV Patch
We’ve seen a new UV patches come to market in recent years and I’m really excited to see that Garnier have created a new sun-safe UV patch this summer, bringing the technology to the high street. It helps to indicate the level of UV exposure you’ve had, helping you to stay safer when you’re out enjoying the sun! You simply apply the patch to your skin and watch as it changes colours through the day. The different colours indicate different levels of UV exposure and help guide you on when to reapply sun cream. The best bit is that it doesn’t cost you a penny, as you will get the patch for free, with selected products at Tesco! 
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