Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Ted Baker Laneyy Leather Camera Bag | Fashion

Although I'm not at the stage of buying Gucci or Chanel, I am at the stage of my life that I like to invest more in bags that will last the distance. I was so sick of buying high street bag, after high street bag, which would fall apart in matter of months. If you follow my blog or Instagram, you'll know that in the last two years, I've added three beautiful Kate Spade bags to my collection. I've been so impressed with their condition and their wear, that I know it was the right decision to spend a little bit more on bags.

Late last year I noticed I had a big hole in my bag stash and was in need of a little black cross body bag. In my mind it's one of those classic staples that everyone needs in their wardrobe. When I was wandering through John Lewis just before Christmas, I spotted the Ted Baker Laneyy Leather Camera Bag and I knew it was the one! I kept one eye on it and was super happy that Chris found it at Heathrow and treated me to it for my birthday! It actually comes in a few different colourways, but I opted for the matte black, with rose gold hardware.

The Ted Baker Laneyy Leather Camera Bag is crafted from Bovine Leather on the outside and the inside is 100% cotton. It's a fairly small bag (20cm width), which is just about big enough to fit my phone, purse and then my little Canon camera, so it's the perfect bag for when I'm out and about all day, but just need the essentials. The hardware is all a rich rose gold shade, which is on the chain, the zip and on the logo on the front of the bag. The zip is on the top of the bag and runs the full width, which makes it that little bit easier to get your essentials inside.

On the inside of the bag, there is a removable inner pouch, which is finished in a lovely embossed pattern on the front. There's a really handy strap inside the bag, which the pouch can clip on to and then you can pop all your cash and cards inside. There is also an internal zip compartment, which is handy for your keys, or anything else you want to keep separate inside. All in all, it's one of those bags that is completely and utterly gorgeous, but also lovely and practical. It retails for £109, which I think it's a pretty reasonable price tag and I'm really chuffed with my new handbag baby. 
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