Monday, 27 November 2017

A New Generation Of Lip Products | YSL Tattoo Revolution

I’m pretty sure that there’s not much better than in the world, than a YSL delivery full of pretty gold boxes. Yes, it’s true to say that when these goodies from YSL arrived, my heard did a little flutter! The new Tatouage Couture* range from YSL is inspired by the world of tattoos and you’re totally going to love it! Let’s take a closer look…

The new Tatouage Couture range is a new breakthrough formula, bringing together top pigmentation, a matte formulation and a lightweight and a texture that feels totally undetectable on the lips. The tattoo connotation is all thanks to the staying power, with YSL citing that it will last “from morning, to night and back round to the morning again”. Of course, as someone who is at home in their PJs by 9PM, I’ve not tested this personally, but I can say that these last and really do not budge. 

In the collection, there are a whopping 18 shades, which cover everything from oranges, to reds and pretty pinks. Each shade is designed to be breath-taking, to match whatever look you happen to be going for. You apply the shades with the bevelled applicator – which is a new design, focussed to give you precision and control of the colour. Allowing you to release your inner makeup artist and rock any shade you desire. The applicator is hidden inside a clear tube that lets the colour shine through. Of course, being YSL, the tops of each shade are golden, for that special touch of luxury. 

To go alongside the launch, we have the Dessin Des Levres Lip Stylers*, which are perfect for lip liner comeback the world has going on. The formula is designed so that it can used to line the lip or fill the lip entirely, allowing you to contour the lips. It’s a creamy, glide-on formulation, which combines a primer, colour and highlighter in one pencil. On the other end of the pencil there is a flexible lip blender, which blurs and smooths the colour once it’s on the lips! I love the sleek black packaging, with is finished with a small band of colour to show what’s hiding inside. I was also really excited to see that these are twist up, which means I don’t have to hunt for a sharpener.

The final part of the release is Rouge Pur Couture The Mats*, a range of leather matte lipsticks. Packaged in the signature gold YSL packaging, the six new shades are designed to hug the curve of the lips. The colour is designed to be rebellious and long-lasting – with the shades again covering the oranges, pinks and reds. I’d love to know which of these products most appeals to you and that’s if you can pick a favourite – swoon! 

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