Friday, 24 November 2017

Great Stocking Fillers from Sigma Beauty | Christmas 2017

I am somewhat obsessed with Sigma Beauty and all they have to offer! If you’re not aware, Sigma Beauty extend far beyond brushes, into makeup, brush care and so many other products. This makes them a fabulous one-stop shop for all things beauty, offering a great selection of gift ideas this Christmas. I’ve been really lucky to receive some of their favourite gift ideas this season, so I thought I’d share my top picks with you guys!

Brushes that don’t disappoint
The thing Sigma Beauty are most famous for is their selection of brushes, so it’s a great place to start if someone is new to the brand. What I love I that the brushes are incredible quality, with exclusive fibres, a cruelty-free formulation and each of them arrive with a free two-year warranty on brushes! Their collection spans across face and eye brushes, so you can pick out a selection, or just pick one of your favourites for a smaller gift. 

The E40 Tapered Blending Brush* ($17 here) is a great brush for anyone who loves eyeshadow. It’s a perfect blending brush with a soft, fluffy head to apply colour and blend out any harsh edges. The F80 Flat Kabuki* ($25 here) is one of Sigma’s most famous brushes – an award-winning brush with a flat top with very soft and dense fibers. It helps to blend products into the skin for a high definition finish. Finally we have the F20 Large Powder Brush* ($34 here) which is a very soft, large fluffy brush. This is one of my personal favourites for contouring, as it’s slightly pressed, allowing it to fit to the flat side of the face.

Keeping your brushes in good condition 
Sigma Beauty is the only brand I use across my whole collection to keep everything in good condition, as they have such a wide range of products for washing and cleaning your brushes. This year they have the fabulous Sigma Brush Care System Gift Set ($35 here), which brings together the best of innovation to keep your brushes looking fabulous. The kit includes the new SigMagic Brushampoo Foam* ($15 here) which deep cleans makeup brushes, removing product residue. 

It also includes the Sigma Dry’n Shape Spa* ($29 here) which is a patented design for cleaning, drying and reshaping face and eye brushes all in one gadget. The center core features all 7 of the trusted Sigma Spa® patented brush cleaning textures, while the removable bases transform the gadget into a Sigma Dry'n Shape Tower holding up to 18 brushes at once. 

Beautiful makeup without compromise
The final category I want to talk about is makeup – as Sigma Beauty have a huge range that you can choose from! My first suggestion is the beautiful new Crème De Couture Liquid Lipsticks* which are available in four different shades. The new lipstick is a lightweight, comfortable matte formula, but with extreme colour payoff. The last thing I wanted to mention were these beautiful Loose Shimmer & Glitter Sets* ($30 here). Inside each box you get a mix of three shimmers or glitters, which you can use in loads of different ways – use them as eyeshadow, as highlight, as lip-gloss or as dusting all over the skin. The possibilities are endless! 

I really hope you agree that these are some beautiful gift ideas and that you got some inspiration for your own gift buying! You can buy everything directly from the Sigma Beauty website here, which ships here to the UK, or from selected UK stockists. 
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