Monday, 28 August 2017

Clarins SOS Masks | New In Skincare

If you’ve missed the hype surrounding these lovely Clarins SOS Masks*, prepare yourself to sit up and take notice! I’ve never had the chance to experiment much with Clarins skincare, so I was really happy to see the Clarins SOS Masks on my doorstep. These three new masks offer new targeted skincare solutions, which match your skin concern, no matter your age! There are three masks to choose from (SOS Hydra, SOS Pure and SOS Comfort) and they each use plant extracts and all of Clarins Laboratories expertise. Let’s take a closer look…

Clarins SOS Hydra Mask*
I think people with oily skin (like myself) can often forget that you can also get dehydrated skin! In fact, as I get older, the texture of my skin is getting drier by the day, but my super oily t-zone is practically intact! Dehydration can be caused by loads of different factors (including temperature changes, sun, wind and pollution), which can all make skin feel rough or tight. The new Clarins SOS Hydra mask aims to give your skin an intense moisturisation, restoring radiance to the skin. The mask itself is really cooling on the skin, with a lovely cream-gel texture and a sorbet fragrance to match! It’s literally all kinds of heaven! When the warmer weather was around in the UK, I was using this mask to give my skin a bit of a release after the sun exposure. However, I imagine this is also going to be fabulous in the colder months too!

Clarins SOS Pure Mask*
SOS Pure is the mask in the range which has been getting all the hype and it’s not difficult to see why! Now when a new clay mask is released, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m first in line to try it out – in fact, it’s a little bit of an addiction! The SOS Pure mask, is a rebalancing clay mask, made especially for skin like mine, so there’s no surprise that it’s my favourite! This mask is made for combination to oily skin, which is prone to imperfections and shine. The mask has an absorbent, non-drying, powdery-cream texture. Which means on the skin it can purify the pores, whilst leaving your skin soft and not stripped of all its moisture! 

Clarins SOS Comfort Mask*
Last but certainly not least, we have SOS Comfort, which is a Nourishing balm mask! Perhaps you’re someone who is really unlucky to suffer with dry skin, which unlike dehydration, is a permanent skin condition. If you do, you’ll find that your skin often feels rough, uncomfortable and tight – so you find yourself dreaming for that glows. If all this sounds familiar, you will have the SOS Comfort mask, which nourishes the skin in a rich, buttery cream texture. The ingredients of this mask are lovely, using wild mango butter (for nourishment and softness) and mango oil (which helps protect against dehydration, restoring supple skin). 

Simply choose your favourite mask and treat your skin regularly (at once or twice a week). Clarins encourage you to apply your mask in the bath, as the heat will allow the pores to open, optimising product absorption. These lovely masks are available right now, priced at £30 for a 75ml tube – they are a little bit pricey but I think they are 100% worth it!
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