Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Vegan Brand B. Makeup Gets A Makeover

If you’re thinking that B. Makeup looks a little bit similar, you’d be right. Beauty brand ‘B.’ has been around since 2013 and the British brand has been fairly well known in the beauty industry for its unique approach to Vegan beauty. Now B. has started a brand new journey, rebranding as ‘B. Makeup’ with the promise of offering professional quality, solution driven, vegan and cruelty free makeup. The new collection has been made with insider expertise, creating a set of products that really don’t disappoint. Let’s take a closer look at the collection and what you can expect… 

Sculpt & Highlight Contour Pen* (£8.99)
I’m never one to shy away from a contouring kit and the Sculpt & Highlight Contour Pen is right up my street. I love how handy and convenient this product is, offering two handy crayons in one handy pen. A few sweeps of this and your contouring is done, whether it’s first thing in the morning, or a quick top up before hitting the dancefloor.

Lip and Cheek Tint* (£6.99)
I have to say that I love these Lip and Cheek Tints, they have a very Bobbi Brown feel to them and I’m a big fan! They are available in six shades and I have two from the set: Bashful (a coral pink) and Berry Nice (a more plumy nude). As the name suggests these are another multi use product and you can either use them on the lips or cheeks. This is thanks to their creamy, lightweight formula, which is really easy to use. The finish is a pretty wash of colour, which a matte finish! 

Matte Liquid Lip* (£6.99)
A makeup collection wouldn’t be complete without a set of Matte Liquid Lips and I know beauty fans are going to love them. They are a velvety, lip colour which glides on to the lips. They have a really strong colour, which just lasts and lasts effortlessly! They don’t dry out the lips and are not even a slightly bit sticky. I have two of the eight shades available – Ravenous is a rich purple hue and Lulu is more of a hot pink.

Luminous Silk Lipstick* (£6.99) and Velvet Matte Lipsticks* (£6.99)
If Matte Liquid Lips are not your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that there is also a range of Luminous Silk Lipsticks. These contain jojoba seed oil, which is well known for its lovely silky texture! They are beautiful and buttery, whilst still offering a decent wash of colour. There are eight of these to choose from,I have the shade Suis Moi, which is a really dark nude. The Velvet Matte Lipsticks are perfect for this time of year, offering intense colour in just one coat. These lipsticks are enriched with shea butter, which stops your lips from drying out. There are a whopping twelve shades in this matte collection, I have the shade Frow, which is a vampy purple! 

Lip Liner* (£4.99), Defining Duo Liner* (£6.99), Eye Blender* and Brow Styler* (£4.99)
When it comes to your everyday essentials, B. Makeup well and truly have you covered! Need the perfect liner? Pick one of their six non-drying matte lip liners to give you a bit of definition! Need the perfect travel eye liner? The Duo Liner has two ends offering you two different thicknesses of liner for perfect application. Need a new brow pencil? The new Brow Styler comes in three shades, on one end there is an angled pencil and on the other there’s a handy spoolie. Need the perfect smokey eye? The Eye Blender Brush will give you that perfect soft-focus finish! 

I’ve swatched a few of the products for you below. From top to bottom we have: the Lip and Cheek Tint in Bashful and Berry Nice, the Luminous Silk Lipstick in Suis Moi and the Velvet Matte Lipstick in Frow, finally we have the Liquid Matte Lipsticks in Ravenous and Lulu. The new collection is available right now and you can grab it online or in Superdrug stores. The quality of these products are phenomenal and they won’t disappoint! 

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