Friday, 21 July 2017

Adjust Your Volume | Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara

If you’ve always dreamed of a mascara that allows you to customize your volume, or a mascara that can be reapplied without removing it first – keep reading! This brand new Bourjois mascara creation does exactly that! The Volume Reveal Adjustable Volume Mascara* allows you to add endless reapplications, meaning that you can adjust your mascara to your plans for the day.

The new one-of-a-kind formulation is unlike anything the beauty world has seen before. A mascara that lets you choose how you want your lashes to look. Apply just one coat for a casual day look, or more coats for statement look which dials up some serious volume. Need a causal look in the day and something more extreme for the evening? No problem! Simply reapply another coat in the evening – it applies straight over the top, without a need to remove the mascara first. It builds on the volume without clumping - it’s utterly genius! 

The formula of the mascara has a creamy texture, which allows the mascara to glide on the lashes. It’s this creamy texture that enables the mascara to be touched up, even when the first layer has already dried. It’s made easier with the Ultra Gliding brush, which is created with super-soft neoprene bristles, to hug the lashes and create volume. 

What I love about about this mascara is that Bourjois have covered all bases! For example, if you’re going to apply your mascara on-the-go, you’ll need something to look in! So they’ve actually included a 3x magnifying mirror into the side of the packaging. The packaging itself is actually a triangular prism, which makes it feel a little bit different and unique – not to mention that it stops it rolling away when you place it on the table! So clever! The packaging is a gloss matte prism, which is decorated with fuchsia pink and white accents, all finished with an engraved logo in the cap!

I really think this is going to revolutionise a lot of lives and for £9.99, I personally think it’s worth a try! Do you think it’s a useful idea to be able to reapply your mascara? Is it something you would use?
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