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Go Bleu With Real Techniques | New Collection

Powder is a big part of the beauty world and it’s certainly an integral part of my routine. In fact, from the beginning of the beauty world, powder has been at the forefront of innovation in makeup creation. More recently they’ve found levels of fame, thanks to trends such as including draping, baking and contouring. So there is no denying that whether it’s foundation, setting powder, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter or contour, many of us will swish a brush in several compacts on a daily basis. The latest PowderBleu collection from Real Techniques is designed to address this market, with a line of premium synthetic brushes, specifically made for the application of powder.

The new PowderBleu collection have been made to give you optimal application of all types of powders. Whether you’re wanting to pick up pigment, layer different powders, or simply blend your powders, these are made for you! They will apply all types of powder without disturbing your existing makeup, leaving you with that flawless finish. It will be no surprise to Real Technique fans that these brushes are soft – but let me tell you, these brushes are like no other. In fact, I personally think they are softer than the Bold Metals range that I know and love! The soft, plus synthetic bristles have been designed to mimic the luxurious feel of blue squirrel hair, while still being completely cruelty free. 

All of the brushes have a dip die handle, which starts black at the top of the brush and blends out to a rich cobalt blue. The ferrule of each brush is embossed with a gold Real Techniques logo and all of the bristles are a pretty navy blue. There are six different pieces in the collection, which comprises of five brushes and one luxurious Powder Puff. This means that whatever you’re creating, there is a brush that is perfect for your targeted application. Let’s take a look at the different brushes in the collection…

The Soft Complexion Brush* (£22)
The Soft Complexion Brush is the biggest handled brush in the collection and has a slightly domed, dense set of bristles. It almost looks like it’s been cut at the top to resemble a buffing brush, so it helps you not only to blend, but also buff powder foundation into the skin. It means that you can build up your coverage and achieve a perfect matt finish.

The Soft Powder Brush* (£22)
The Soft Powder Brush is almost as big as The Soft Complexion Brush, but this time it’s a large tapered design. The tapered tip means that you can apply bronzer and highlighter with good precision on the cheeks, but then blend out the powder into a soft focus finish.

The Soft Finishing Brush* (£22)
Taking things a little bit smaller we have the Soft Finishing Brush. This one is a really lovely shape and size, which the Real Techniques team say is perfect for blush application and blending. It’s also fantastic for applying highlighter right onto the cheek bones and under the brow.

The Soft Shadow Brush* (£15)
Then we have The Soft Shadow Brush which of course is a much smaller brush, perfect for your eyeshadow! This again has a tapered precision head, which makes it perfect for building and blending your eyeshadow. Whether you’re working on a complex smokey eye, or a simple wash of blended colour, this brush will look after you well!

The Soft Kabuki Brush* (£25)
If you’re looking for the worlds biggest brush, this one is for you! This is a huge, plush brush head in a dense Kabuki style. It means it’s perfect for getting a lot of powder onto the skin in a very quick fashion! Whether you’re applying bronzer to the face, or contouring your d├ęcolletage, you can be sure this one is a winner!

The Plush Powder Puff* (£12)
Last but not least, we have the Plush Powder Puff, which I was actually quite surprised to see! I don’t use Powder Puffs in my routine really, but this one takes things to a whole new level! It’s such a luxurious feel, which has a velvety texture – allowing you to tap on the right amount of setting powder to set your look.

So, there you have it, the stunning new PowderBleu Collection from Real Techniques, a stunning array of brushes that really that luxury to a whole new level! If you want to unlock the staying powder of your makeup, you can check out PowderBleu now from the Boots and Real Techniques websites. It will be released nationwide at Boots stores from 7th August 2017. 
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