Friday, 9 June 2017

Customise your routine with Cover FX Custom Drops

Cover FX is one of those brands that have taken the blogging world by storm! It felt like Cover FX came from nowhere and was suddenly on every blog, in every video and stocked in every beauty store. Their products get some crazy reviews, often taking pride of place in cult beauty routines! The only real problem is that the products are quite pricey, topping a whopping £40 for just one product. It’s a big commitment to make, especially if you’ve never tried their products before. In a recent order from SpaceNK, I opted for these two handy samples, which I’ve been testing, so I’m here to share my thoughts!

Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight (£34 here)
Let’s start with makeup, which is always my favourite thing to talk about! The Custom Enhancer Drops allow you to customise any of your liquid products, by adding a highlighting or bronzing effect. You simply take a couple of drops and add them to foundations, primers, serums, and moisturisers. You can even add them on top of other products, which allows you to add a far more dramatic highlight, directly to the cheekbones. The idea is that you control the glow, start with one drop and keep adding the product until you’ve reached the glow you want!

The Custom Enhancer Drops in Moonlight is a champagne liquid metal highlight, which Is perfectly suited to most makeup looks. I really enjoy using a makeup sponge to dab this on top of my cheekbones to finish my makeup look. There are actually four illuminators and two bronzers in the collection, so no matter what look you want to create, there’s going to be something for you.

Custom Infusion Drops – Radiance (£40 here)
Cover FX don’t just create makeup products, they also create a range of skincare enhancers. This allows you change your existing skincare to match the treatment you need at any given time. It follows the same premise as the makeup – put your normal skincare product in the palm of your hand and drop in the Custom Infusion Drops until you achieve your desired mix. The Radiance Custom Infusion Drops contains Lemongrass and Vitamin C, which are designed to tone the skin and brighten dull looking skin. 

These kinds of drops are definitely having a ‘moment’ in the beauty industry and I’m personally a big fan! I think it’s super handy to be able to customize your existing makeup collection, to your ever-changing needs! You can pick up Cover FX products from SpaceNK, they are all quite pricey but they will certainly last the distance! 
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