Friday, 2 June 2017

The Ultimate Copper Brush Set From Sigma Beauty

Over the last couple of years I’ve really fallen in love with Sigma Beauty, so when they offered me the chance to review their new brush set, I was pretty damn excited! If you don’t know much about Sigma Beauty, they are a brush and beauty brand, who specialise in selling lots of different makeup products. A lot of beauty addicts are well aware of their brushes, but many don’t realise that they sell lots of pretty makeup too. As well as individual brushes, they also produce makeup sets to match a special look or routine. The Ultimate Copper Brush Set* is exactly that – a whopping 13 brushes which give you everything you need for your eyes. 

As the name suggests, the Ultimate Copper Brush Set takes the standard black handle and finishes it with the copper ferrule. The idea behind the set is to give you everything you could ever need for your eye looks, all in one handy set, at a really handle price. So, you literally have everything from blending brushes, to eyeliner brushes, brushes for concealer and brushes for highlighter. Let’s take a look at what you get inside! 

In the two pictures below we have the first six brushes, which are the smaller six brushes in the set. Let me walk you through each brush in turn, starting from the bottom, working up to the top. First up we have the Smaller Eye Liner Brush (E10) which is a tiny brush that you use with gel or liquid liners. The Short Shader (E20) is a flat, short brush which is perfect for applying dense pigment in a small area, such as the lower lash line. The Blending Brush (E25) unsurprisingly is perfect for blending colours together, in a small area, so you can easily buff out harsh lines. The Pencil Brush (E30) is a short, stubby brush which can be used to soften colour on the lash line. The Tapered Blending Brush (E35) is exactly what it says in the tin – allowing you to pick up pigment and blend, all with one brush. The Blending Brush (E36) is a larger blending brush than the E25. 

In the picture below we have the rest of the seven brushes, most of which are larger than the ones above. Again, I will walk you through each brush in turn, starting from the bottom, working up to the top. The All Over Blend (E37) is a larger blending brush, but this time it’s specifically designed for blending multiple colours together. The Buff and Blend Brush (E39) is a smaller, precise blending brush which is perfect for smaller areas of the eye. The Tapered Blending Brush (E40) is one of my favourites as it makes light work of crease application, just apply colour to the tip of the brush and sweep back and forth. The Small Tapered Blending Brush (E45) is a very similar concept as the E40, but this time it’s a smaller brush for more intense, pigmented colours. The Large Fluff (E50) is a huge brush, which makes it perfect for adding highlighter shades onto the brow bone or cheekbone. Next we have the Eye Shading Brush (E55) which is very similar to the E20, but it’s made for applying colour to the whole eyelid. The final brush is the Small Angle Brush (E65), which is the must have eyeliner brush,  which you can use with gel, cream or powder liners.

As you can see the Ultimate Copper Brush Set is a very comprehensive set of brushes – I’ve been using them for the last couple of weeks and I’m yet to find a project where I didn’t have brush to match. As always, all the Sigma Beauty brushes in this set are created with their exclusive SigmaTech synthetic fibers and they are totally cruelty-free. The set retails for $152, but it’s worth a whopping $218, so it’s a significant saving. Whilst it’s a bit of an investment, these brushes will last for a long time and you’re actually only paying $11 a brush! Bargain! 
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