Thursday, 18 May 2017

Diego Dalla Palma Cruise Collection

I actually know very little about diego dalla palma, so I was really excited when this little box of goodies arrived at my door. This is their brand new summer collection aptly named ‘The Cruise Collection’. It’s designed to give you everything you need for your makeup this summer, from rich jewel hues, pretty blues and metallic finishes. The collection features everything from lovely eyeshadows, pretty blushers and summery lip colours – let’s take a look inside. 

Sunset Boulevard Blush* (£25.50 here)
First up we have the stunning Sunset Boulevard Blush, which arrives in a matt black compact, decorated with the diego dalla palma logo. When you flip open the lid you find the most gorgeous powder, accompanied with a handy mirror. The powder itself is separated into five section, which an ombre array of shades. The silky powders are arranged from dark red to a light peach. It’s lovely as you can either blend all the colours together, or focus on a particular selection of shades. It’s fabulous for travelling as you can switch up your look in your one compact. 

Passion Lip Stylo* (£17 here) 
Next up we have the Passion Lip Stylo, which arrive in a glossy stick formulation, finished with the diego dalla palma logo. These are really handy as they have a twist up stick, which means you don’t need to have a sharpener at hand. There are three shades in the Cruise Collection, which have two slightly different formulations. Shade 237 (bright orange) and shade 238 (bright coral) have a matte formulation, which is super pigmented and really creamy. They are designed to be long wearing and smudge proof. Shade 236 (a pretty peach) is a lighter, less pigmented formulation, which is semi-transparent finish and a comfortable moisturising texture.

Long Wearing Eyeshadow* (£17 here) 
Next we have the Long Wearing Eyeshadow, which is a handy eyeshadow stick. These are available in two different gorgeous metallic shades; Aquamarine is the one I have here, but there is also a lovely Gold Copper hue. I love a good eyeshadow stick and these do not disappoint – they are high quality and have an intense colour payoff. Like a lot of other eyeshadow sticks on the market, you can blend them into place for a few seconds before they set and stay put for hours!

I’ve swatched some of the makeup products for you below, from top to bottom we have: the Long Wearing Eyeshadow in the shade Aquamarine (shade 36), the Passion Lip Stylo In 236, the Passion Lip Stylo in 237 and the Passion Lip Stylo in 238. 

Nail polish* (£9.50 here)
Last but not least we have an array of nail polishes, which have been created in pretty complementary colours. There are three in total in the collection, I have the shades Gold Copper and Bleu Canard, but there is also a pretty Coral Bay shade too. These arrive in quite large nail polish bottles, the bottle itself is clear and it’s finished with the diego dalla palma logo. The lid is matte black and holds a really handy wide brush, which makes application a breeze. As you can see in the swatches below, these polishes are really pigmented and have a lovely high shine finish. 

The Cruise Collection is available for purchase right now, so don’t miss your chance to add a pop of colour, or a hint of metallic to your makeup this summer. 
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