Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lash Like A Boss | Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot Mascara

I’ve said many times on my blog that I’m a huge fan of Maybelline mascaras. In fact, if I take a look on my dressing table, I have four different Maybelline mascaras, all of which make up some of my favourites. It goes without saying that many of them hold holy grail status for me, offering jet black colour and incredible volume, all on a tiny budget. Maybelline’s latest creation is the Colossal Big Shot Mascara* and it’s one to write home about….

I’m naturally blessed with quite long lashes, so for me, when I buy a mascara, it’s all about adding drama and volume to my eye look. The Colossal Big Shot Mascara is a new addition to the Colossal mascara family, which is well loved across the beauty community, myself included! Just like the other members of the Colossal family, the new addition is all about letting your natural lashes do the talking. It arrives in a glamourous gold tube, which is finished with pretty purple detailing – you certainly won’t have to hunt for it in your makeup bag! The Big Shot brush itself has been designed to give an ‘instant charge’ of volume. The brush allows you to coat your lashes right at the root, offering you a fully loaded finish. 

Now as I already mentioned, I’m a big fan of the Colossal family, as it offers great volume in just one coat. If, like me, you use the Colossal range already, you’ll be amazed to hear that this mascara takes things to a whole new level. Just one coat of the Colossal Big Shot Mascara gives you an incredible set of lashes, but you can build and build until you have your desired effect. It’s the kind of finish that I crave on a daily basis, so I’m pretty chuffed to have this mascara in my life! 

If you like the sound of Maybelline’s Colossal Big Shot Mascara, you’ll be pleased to hear its incredibly affordable. It’s only £7.99 and it’s a fresh new release for May 2017, so why not get yourself to the shops and give it a try yourself?!
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