Friday, 26 May 2017

3 Dry Shampoos That Changed My Life | Guest Post

Not only is Stephanie Merry one of the best bloggers on this planet, she is also a dear friend of mine! I've admired her blog for years and years, so having Stephanie write a blog post for me, is pretty much a dream coming true! What this lady doesn't know about beauty, frankly isn't worth noting! Let's find out about her top dry shampoos - over to Stephanie... 

Now I don't know about you. But I can honestly say that dry shampoo has changed my life. Now this might be an extreme statement to make. But I honestly have no idea how I coped before dry shampoo. I mean obviously I coped. But I probably didn't get a lot of sleep. And clearly didn't wear my hair down very often. For me dry shampoo is up there as one of my most used, most loved and most relied upon beauty products. So if you're a dry shampoo addict like me, then let me share with you all three dry shampoos that changed my life...

OUAI Dry Shampoo (£20)
Now if you're a fellow beauty addict, then you're probably aware of the brand OUAI. It's the brain child of hair stylist extraordinaire Jen Atkin, who is responsible for creating that enviable 'French girl' tousled texture you see on celebs. And there's a reason why everyone is talking about this brand at the moment. Their products are amazing! I've been a fan of their hair oil for a while, now but this dry shampoo is another haircare staple I just can't live without. It's fab at leaving my hair looking and feeling healthier, stronger and certainly fresher. Not only does it smell amazing – almost like a hair perfume. But it also neutralises product build-up and oil, leaving my hair instantly refreshed.

Wella Professional EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo (£12.50)
Now this dry shampoo was actually recommended to me by a hairdresser. And I've not looked back since. It's amazing at creating volume along with a manageable matte texture. Although it does thicken up my fine locks. The formula is actually really lightweight and leaves my hair cleaner for longer. It definitely transform dull and lifeless hair by adding volume for big, bouncy manageable locks.

Living Proof Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo (£23)
Now this dry shampoo is truly revolutionary. I first discovered this one about a year ago. And it honestly did change my life a little bit. Because unlike other dry shampoos out there. Rather than mask the dirt and grease in your hair. This one actually cleans it. I know, life changing! It's powered by triple-action cleaning technology to make you hair look, feel and most importantly smell clean. And it honestly works! It absorbs and removes any build up of oil, sweat or odour. And best of all, it doesn't leave any residue or a powdery build up.

What's your favourite dry shampoo to use?

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