Monday, 3 April 2017

Five Reasons To Visit The Comfort Zone Pop Up At Aqua Sana

If you follow my blog, or any of my social media streams – you probably know that I’m a big Center Parcs fan! We love hitting up the lodges for mini breaks and I’ve already visited the spa five times since it opened. So you can imagine my delight when Good Spa Guide invited me to a bloggers spa day, to check out a pretty new pop up spa from Comfort Zone. It’s enclosed in the enchanting Woburn Center Parcs for just one month, so there’s not much time to get your Comfort Zone fix. Here are my five top reasons why you need to check it out… 

Reason #1: the incredible treatments
I had to start with the incredible treatments - Comfort Zone have their very own treatment room within the spa, where they are sharing some of their most exciting and innovative treatments. Comfort Zone have a beautiful array of treatments, which are really quite unique, all the bloggers came out feeling amazing! Whilst I was onsite, I tried the Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage which is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. The massage has been designed to work on three sensorial pathways: touch, sound and hearing. It uses a bespoke soundtrack and little soft brushes to gently glide over the skin. This technique is blended with a deep back massage, to help relieve the physical signs of stress. It’s really quite different – leaving you feeling relaxed and sleepy, with soft silky skin. 

Reason #2: the discovery sessions
As part of every Aqua Sana spa day, you get access to their free discovery sessions, which Comfort Zone are taking part in. We popped into a Comfort Zone discovery session and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience! We started by removing our makeup before applying toners, serums, masks and creams. Despite the fact that the sessions are completely open to anyone, the whole skincare regime was tailored to you. It didn’t matter if you had sensitive skin, oily skin or normal skin, Comfort Zone had the right products on hand! The therapist taught us a lot about the Comfort Zone brand and their three pillars supporting the whole ethos – skin, science, soul. She also walked us through some great tips for managing stress and anxiety. It was a great way to test out some of the Comfort Zone products and the lady running the session had so much knowledge to share!

Reason #3: the retail experience
One of my favourite parts is the stunning display in the reception of Aqua Sana. There is a huge display with tons of different products, all of which have testers, so you can really try before you buy. There are also some awesome gifts with purchase, which handy little extras if you happen to be treating yourself to some new goodies. It’s an absolutely fantastic way to see the range from Comfort Zone – I was really excited to see that they had candles! Did I mention that it’s a beauty bloggers dream too? The packaging is exquisite and it’s all laid out with succulents and marble trays. Swoon! 

Reason #4: the 25 experience rooms at Aqua Sana
As I already mentioned, I’m a huge fan of Aqua Sana already – I truly believe that the Woburn spa is hard to beat! There is over 25 rooms to try, which are split into six different sections. Each section has a different inspiration, for example there’s the fire and ice zone, where each room is inspired by the warm or the cold. Each section has at least one sauna, one steam room, one shower experience and one relaxation room – but many of the zones actually have more to offer. I actually find it pretty difficult to pick favourites, but here are some of the ones you really can’t miss! The Reflexology Footbaths which is a handy egg-shaped footbath which self cleans, with three different experiences, I’m the cheeky person you find trying all three settings.  The Outdoor Heated Spa Pool, which is actually an infinity pool, heated to 33 degrees. Finally we have the Mineral Room, which is actually my personal favourite – a refreshing lemongrass scent, built to recharge you inside-out.

Reason #5: the Comfort Zone skin analysis 
My last thing to mention is the Comfort Zone skin analysis, which is in the Aqua Sana reception. This is a handy machine which measures the hydration levels of the skin, the elasticity of the skin and the definition of fine lines. It takes some pretty intense imagery of the skin, which was fascinating for me as I’ve never seen my skin up close before! Comfort Zone take these measurements to suggest the perfect skincare solutions for your skin, it’s fascinating! 

So there you have it, five amazing reasons to check out the Comfort Zone pop up at Aqua Sana this month! It’s only here for a few weeks, so don’t miss your chance to try out the products and treatments! If you’re interested in visiting, book yourself a spa day here before April 20th. Thank you for Comfort Zone, Good Spa Guide and Aqua Sana for the invite, I had such an amazing time! 
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