Friday, 31 March 2017

The Essie Spring 2017 Collection

I make no secret of the fact Essie is my favourite nail polish brand. I love everything from their pretty colours, their impressive formulations and their incredible staying power. I would say that 75% of my nail polish collection is made up of Essie polishes and they are always the brand I turn to when I fancy a nail polish treat. So I was absolutely delighted when I had the chance to try the brand new Essie Spring 2017 Collection, let’s dive into the details. 

I think the real reason I’m head over heels with this collection, is the whole inspiration behind the colours. The Essie Spring 2017 collection is all about getting in the car and driving, inspired by the long California road trips and the spectacular sights you can see. Later this year we’re taking three weeks to drive down the west coast of America, so this collection has me feeling all giddy with excitement.

The collection offers six stunning, saturated crème polishes, which have been designed in collaboration with designer Rebecca Minkoff. She helped to inspire the landscape of colours which have landed themselves in the collection. I have four of the pretty shades that I wanted to share with you today. First up we have Backseat Besties* which is a pretty candy pink, which Essie describe as a “delicate pink plumeria”. Next we have Excuse Me Sur* which is a pretty peachy, coral hue. Then we have my favourite, Designated DJ* which is practically my signature colour. This one is a deep purple hue, which Essie describe as a “plum sangria crème” – it’s an absolutely stunning, shiny shade. Finally we have On The Roadie* which is bang on trend this season. If you’re looking to rock something close to the trendy Pantone hue, this one is for you – I’m personally a bit too wimp for green nails.

There are also two other shades I don’t have here, which I’m absolutely desperate to get my hands on. There’s B’aha Moment* which is pop of fuchsia pink and there’s also All The Wave* which is a splash of ocean blue. I’ve swatched the ones I do have for you below, from left to right we have Designated DJ, Backseat Besties, On The Roadie and Excuse Me Sur. The whole Essie Spring 2017 is available now and you’ll be able to get your hands on it until May. Don’t miss out, this collection is utterly beautiful!

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