Tuesday, 7 February 2017

NIVEA Hand Care | The Relaunch

I definitely don’t need convincing that it’s important to look after your hands. Our hands are constantly being used and being put under the strain of everyday life – whether you’re cooking, washing up, writing or texting. When you add winter into the mix and the fact we’re currently experiencing subzero temperatures, it’s only natural that our hands are going to need a little bit of TLC. NIVEA have had a full Hand Care range for many years, but it’s recently been given a bit of a revamp and I’m loving it’s new look.

NIVEA believe that our hands need special care – they are truly unique, full of nerve endings that let us experience the world at our fingertips (excuse the pun). Because of this, our hands are both sensitive and delicate and we need to look after it differently. The NIVEA Hand Care range is designed to offer intense nourishment to our hands, but also provide reliable protection from environmental stresses. In total there are five different NIVEA hand creams, each designed to offer something different to the consumer. They each are born from the NIVEA legacy, which now has over 100 years of research. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different hand creams available from NIVEA. First up we have the NIVEA Nourishing Care Hand Cream with Almond Oil* (designed to sooth and nourish dry hands), NIVEA Smooth Care Hand Cream with Shea Butter (is designed to keep your hands smooth all day long).

The NIVEA Express Care Hand Cream* (this one has a super, ultralight formula for when you need a boost in a rush), next we have the NIVEA Anti-Age Care Hand Cream with Q10 and UV filters (designed to visibly reduce the first signs of aging with regular use) and finally we have the NIVEA Repair Care Hand Cream with Provitamin B5 (especially designed for skin that feels tight and dry). 

Each of the new hand creams are available in handy new 75ml bottles, which is designed to be both functional and feel-good. The Hand Cream now arrives in a pebble-inspired bottle shade, designed to fit perfectly in your hand. A lot of thought has gone into the packaging, creating something that is soft to the touch, easy to squeeze and has no sharp corners. The new products are available right now, they are priced between £2.99 and £3.89. 
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