Monday, 6 February 2017

Matte For You | Valentines Day by KIKO

I’m a complete sucker for Valentines Day, whilst Chris and I don’t really celebrate it (our anniversary is a couple of days after the 14th), I love all the special beauty collections and find them hard to resist. This Valentines Day KIKO Milano have released the Limited Edition ‘Matte For You’ collection and it feels really damn special. 

The products arrive in white boxes, which are decorated with words such as ‘love’, ‘passion’ and ‘romance’ in a handwritten font. Each of the boxes have hearts cut out of the front, which let the products shine through. Each of the products are wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper, so the whole aesthetic of the product feels so unique and special. As the name suggests the products are all inspired by matte makeup, in pretty pink and red hues. 

I have three different products from the range, which includes blushers, brushes, lipsticks and nail polishes. The Multicolour Blush* (£9.95 here) is a three colour blusher, which has a matte buildable finish. When you open the compact you find three different colours of blusher, which are held in two heart shapes. One of the hearts has the same words as the packaging embossed onto the heart, which is a really cute touch. I’ve been using this by swirling my brush in all three colours, but you can also use a brush to pick out the individual shades, depending on the look you’re trying to create. The blush is just available in one shade, which is the perfect blend of coral, pink and rose. 

The Heart Shaped Lipstick* (£6.95 here) is something really special, not only is it packaged beautifully, but when you open the bullet you’re greeted by a perfect heart shaped product. It looks utterly beautiful and it’s be honest, it’s pretty photogenic too! The lipsticks have a matte formulation that glide precisely onto the lips, with beautiful pigmentation. The lipstick is available in two different shades, there’s Lively Amaranth (a pretty pink) and the one I have here, which is Intriguing Burgundy (which is deep and seductive). 

The last product I have is the Matte Nail Lacquer* (£3.95 here) which doesn’t come in a box, but it has the wording painted onto the lid. The Matte Nail Lacquer is available in two different shades, which are designed to be pigmented but dry to a matte formulation. The first application is a little bit streaky, but with two coats you have strong pigmentation and a pretty finish on the nail. The two shades available are Silky Rosey Nude (a nude hue) and Amorous Cherry, which is the one I have here. 

This beautiful collection from KIKO is available right now, but it won’t be available for long as Valentines Day is fast approaching! Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one, or the perfect products to create your Valentines Day look, you can’t miss this collection! Pick it up from KIKO stores or online here
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