Friday, 24 February 2017

Expanding My Scent Collection | Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

When I get an idea in my head (especially when it involves buying makeup) it’s pretty hard to throw me off course. Earlier this year I turned 25 and I had in my head that I wanted to finally own a big bottle of a Jo Malone perfume. I’ve had two little bottles for a few years and I’ve made them survive by saving them for special occasions. I loved them so much that it started to feel like a shame to only wear them once in a blue moon, I was convinced the answer was upgrading to a huge 100ml bottle.

My favourite scent of all time is Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia, a luscious blend of sweet fruit, mellowed down with a floral base. It’s the perfect scent all year round, but especially in the springtime when the sun starts to shine. I was convinced I was going to simply upgrade my 30ml to 100ml and that would be me sorted. Until I started to smell all the other Jo Malone scents, progressively falling in love with four or five different scents.

When I found the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne (£88 here) I saw the opportunity to add something different to my collection. I had heard bloggers rave about this pretty scent when it was first released in September 2014, but for some reason the name didn’t really appeal to me. Historically all my scents are fresh, fruity and very girly scents, but this one offered something a little bit different. It’s inspired by the seaside, designed to make you think of the sea salt spray and rugged cliffs, which are littered by growing sage. The notes officially include: ambrette seed, sea salt and sage, along with red algae and grapefruit. It’s an incredible, understated scent, designed to be timeless and elegant, no matter the occasion – and I love it! 

If you’re looking for a new scent, try stepping outside your comfort zone and being open minded. Like me you might find the scent that you never knew you wanted! I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than bringing home a new Jo Malone scent, wrapped so delicately in it’s signature box – what a treat! 
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