Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Glitter Underground from Stila | Spring Summer 2017

Stila gets a lot of love right here on Hope, Freedom, Love and it’s with very good reason. Not only are they a gorgeous, lovely brand, but their products are so on point. Since having a packaging rebrand last year and bringing everything into the 21st Century, I’ve been struggling to resist their beautiful products. Whether it’s the cult Kitten lineup, their Convertible Lip/Cheek Pots, or their pretty palettes, I want it all! So when I was invited down to London to experience their new range in the flesh, I was pretty damn excited! 

The new lineup for Spring Summer 2017 is actually quite big - check out the picture below from the launch, which doesn't even have all the products! There are three new highlighters, eight new eyeshadows, a huge eyeshadow palette, five new lip shades and two glitter lip top coats. If you hadn’t already guessed by the name of the post, this new collection is inspired by glitter and I’m in LOVE. I wear (arguably too much) glitter every day of the week, I love that it’s so quick and versatile, making me look more awake and on point in the early dark mornings.

It was actually hard for me to pick favourites from this collection and it’s going to take a lot of will power for me not to buy the bits that I didn’t bring home in my goody bag. However, if I was going to pick (three) favourites, they would be the magnificent metals glitter & glow liquid eyeshadows (£23 each here), the heaven's hue highlighter (£28 here) and the matte 'n metal eye shadow palette (£39 for 12 shades here). I’m going to give you the lowdown on the one of the highlighters and glitter eyeshadows right now, as I was lucky enough to bring them home with me. 

The magnificent metals glitter & glow liquid eyeshadows are literally glitter eyeshadows in a pot. Inside the square tube you find a dazzling, long-wearing liquid, with the most crazy, pigmented eyeshadow. If you like an eye look that glimmers and shines, this beauty is for you! The glitter inside is a mixture of pearl and glitter, in lots of different sizes, which allows you to achieve a really spectacular sparkle.

The formula is actually very light-weight as it’s water-infused, which allows it to dry quickly on the lid. One of the Stila makeup artists applied this on me and she recommended tapping it on to the lid with your finger, you can also use it straight from the applicator for an intense finish. I’m loving that I can just use this straight on my eyelid for an eye look which looks spectacular! These magnificent metals glitter & glow liquid eyeshadows are available in eight different shades, I have the shade ‘Smoky Storm*’ and it’s going to be hard not to collect them all!

Next up we have the heaven's hue highlighter, which is available in three different shades. There’s Kitten (the iconic classic – the shade needs no real introduction), Transcendence (a light pink) and Bronze* (a sunkissed glow, which is the one I have here). What’s interesting about these is that they have a very bouncy texture to them, it’s almost a putty. When you swatch it, it just feels like a really soft, light powder, which kicks off some incredible pigment. On the skin it melts into the complexion to give you a really subtle, healthy glow on the skin. When the makeup artist explained this was a ‘putty’, I was actually a bit disheartened as I really hate cream highlight, but these perform beautifully, I’m so impressed! 

I've swatched both these products for you below, the Smoky Storm eyeshadow is on the top and the Bronze highlighter is on the bottom. The whole Glitter Underground Spring Summer Collection is available right now and I’m OBSESSED. Let’s just say that the palette will be mine and the eyeshadows might have to join the collection too! Pick up the full collection right now from Cult Beauty

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