Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Precision Contouring By Collection

We all know that I'm utterly obsessed with trying contouring products. It's not even because I'm good at contouring, in fact, it's the complete opposite! I'm always on the hunt for that one product that makes contouring simple and easy, without spending a fortune. Now, there are a lot of contouring sticks on the market, but what is different about this one from Collection is the size. It's aptly named the 'Precision Contouring Stick' - designed to give you ultimate control over your contoured look. 

You can probably already tell, but the Precision Contouring Stick is tiny. It's not designed to create hollows in your cheekbones in seconds, but instead it's designed for those more tricky places that you want to contour. It's a lovely matte cream contour shade, which you can actually use in a number of ways! It's particularly nice is that the pigmentation of this product, boils down to how you use it. You can see by my swatches below, that a light press gives you a nice faint line, but pressing slightly harder gives you a darker more intense finish. Better still, if you use too much of this, it's easy to fix your mistakes. It's incredibly blendable and you can erase a mistake very quickly.

The small size of this Precision Contouring Stick means that you can contour those hard to reach areas. If you've ever tried to contour your nose with powder, or one of those bigger sticks, you'll know that it's pretty impossible when you're not professionally trained. However with this this stick, you just draw two quick lines either side of the bridge of the nose and with a quick blend you're good to go!

The Precision Contouring Sticks come in a plastic tube with silver detailing - not too shabby when you consider that these only cost £3.99! When you need to, you simply twist the bottom of the tube to reveal more product, so you don't even have to faff around with a sharpener! The sticks are available in three different shades (light, medium and dark), which hopefully means there is a shade that suits a variety of different skintones. Pick up the Precision Contouring Stick from Boots here
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