Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My 2016 Highlights

2016 definitely saw the world descend into a bit of a crazy place, we all know about all the lows and to be frank I think most of us have spent an hour in front of the news in tears. On a more personal level I had a really fantastic 2016, I concurred fears, I changed jobs and I created some fantastic memories! So I thought it was incredibly important to document my highs from the year. I encourage you to do the same, because (I can't say this without sounding a bit preachy) it’s such a lovely enlightening experience!

Visiting Las Vegas
Last year I was sent to Las Vegas with work and I really didn’t want to go. In fact, if I could have paid someone to take my place I would have! Low and behold it was actually the most fantastic experience! I love being there, I loved the atmosphere and I just felt like I was in the movies the whole time. Seeing the Bellagio Fountains was weirdly emotion and I was very excited to visit my third M&M world. We stayed in The Paris Hotel, which of course has a replica Eiffel Tower and I loved walking round all the hotels! I’m actually going back to Las Vegas this year but my man is coming with me, so I can’t wait to show him the sights! 

Learning how to play Craps in San Diego 
Straight after Las Vegas we went over to San Diego for a larger conference. San Diego is a beautiful place and being by the water always makes up for the fact you’re missing home. Most the trip includes ‘death by PowerPoint’ but we had one social evening where we went to the San Diego Baseball Stadium. Whilst we were there we had a fake Casino and we were taught how to play craps! We had the best instructors who taught us the game so well and it’s so much fun! It certainly helps when luck is on your side! 

Turning 24 (and discovering cocktails)
I had a very low key birthday in 2016, but everything we did was just perfect! It started with Birthday pancakes, ended with Birthday steak and included cocktails! What else do I realistically need? This year I really fell in love with cocktails, I’ve really enjoyed experimenting and not just ordering the house Rose. 

A cultured day in London 
This year I wanted to make a conscious effort to say yes to more things! I’ve always been a bit of a home fan and my IBS makes me incredibly nervous to travel. One of my beautiful friends is always such a busy bee and she inspires me to do more with my days. I still have a long way to go, but I really enjoyed a day in London with her in March. We had a yummy breakfast, wondered around the Tate Modern and I discovered Wahaca! She taught me that even new friends will understand when you’re not feeling best – you don’t have to hide at home! I feel truly blessed to have her in my life! 

We brought a car
I’m not a car fan, I don’t even have a driving license (I know, I know). However my other half is a bit of a car nerd and he’s always dreamt of owning a BMW. We chanced nipping into the garage one random day and it turned out we could not only afford one, but we could afford a brand new one and it’s pretty damn nifty. It’s not my thing, but it made him incredibly happy and it meant the world to him.

Joining the Really Ree collective
It’s not every day that you get offered the chance to review beauty products for one of the biggest beauty blogs on the planet! This year I’ve had so much fun reviewing products for the lovely Really Ree – I get to try loads of fabulous products, write some beauty content and I get to be part of a big beauty family! Thank you Ree and Rebecca!

Seeing Adele live 
If I was to name a musical idol it would always be Adele! Her albums give me a life and they’ve got me through some pretty shitty moments. We really had to battle the online queues to get tickets in London, but on our fourth attempt we got them! It was the most magical night and I may have shed just a couple of tears! I actually have tickets to see her again this year and I feel so lucky to be going again!

Reaching 1000 followers
I am a big believer that numbers don’t make and break a blog, but reaching 1000 followers felt like a big old milestone to me! I’m forever blessed to have this blog and I’m so thankful for every reader and every brand that chooses to work with me! Thank you! 

Heading on holiday with my sister 
In May we rented an apartment with my sister and her boyfriend, speeding off to Center Parcs for a lovely week break! I’ve never had a holiday with my sister and brother-in-law but it was truly the most beautiful week. Center Parcs is one of ‘happy places’, you’re surrounded by forests and the water, which just makes me feel so calm. Getting some real quality time with my little sister is so important to me and she’s a big inspiration in my life! We really didn’t want to come home! 

Exploring our local countryside
After leaving Center Parcs I found myself really craving nature, it was a weird feeling which I’ve never had before, I just wanted to be out the house! So we jumped in the house, drove towards the water and explored! We walked along the river, took pictures of swans, ate strawberries and watched the water rafters. It was such a lovely afternoon!

Getting a new job (and being promoted twice!) 
I was deeply unhappy at work and was really craving a change! I’m one of those people who needs to enjoy getting up in the morning and I’d really lost my mojo. At the start of the year I had decided it was time for a change, but I wasn’t ready yet to leave the company that I know and love. A job came up, I applied, I got offered the job! It was a complete change of role and all I needed was someone to believe in me. I’m so happy in my new role and it’s really changed my life, my happiness and my mental state! My lovely old colleagues through me a lovely party and we all got very tipsy on Mojitos in the office, it was the exact send off I needed and I love them for it! 

A refresh in Spain
Despite the fact I picked up gastroenteritis, we had a lovely week in Spain in August. It had been a crazy year to date and I really needed a week to chill out. We rented a villa and we just chilled by the pool, ate BBQ food and swam to our hearts content. 

A day at London Zoo
I actually met my man at London Zoo and it holds such happy memories for me! Seeing the lions and penguins turns me into a big kid – it’s just so much fun! We headed to London Zoo in September with my sister and brother-in-law, again we had such a lovely day. I wish I could see the penguins every damn day!

Afternoon Tea, the London Eye and yummy food
I really enjoy working with buyagift.com and this year I reviewed three gift ideas for them, as part of my Christmas gifting reviews. It meant that I got to go to London with my man and experience the gifts in person! We had Afternoon Tea at the Wardolf, had a spin on the London Eye and had a four course meal at Zizzi Italian. It’s so important to take those days with your loved ones, I’ll treasure the memories and the pictures forever. 

A busy old Christmas 
My favourite Christmas’ are the ones where you stay at home in your PJs and don’t move for three weeks. This Christmas was a little bit busier than that, in fact, I didn’t spend a single day in my PJs – but I think it’s worth it! We had a lovely Christmas Day at home, boxing day with family, a fake Christmas with my sister and brother-in-law and New Years Eve with more family (we finished roughly eight bottles of fizz). I also got to reconnect with an old special friend of mine, had a Jamie’s Italian with one of my best ladies and had a pre-Christmas gift exchange with my work wives. All-in-all it was busy, but it was fun filled! 

Let me know what you’re favourite moments of the year were below, it’s so important to take a day to remember the happy moments!
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