Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Maybelline Metallic Silks | The Chrome Nail Polishes You Need

When the weather gets colder I alway feel the need to switch up my nail polish colours. It just doesn't feel right to me to be rocking a hot pink, or a bright blue when it's chilly outside. If I'm not wearing a pretty purple, or a lovely burnt red hue, I'm almost certainly rocking glitter or chrome. Which is why I'm so excited to have this range of Metallic Silk polishes from Maybelline in my collection. 

The range of Metallic Silk polishes from Maybelline are part of the Super Stay 7 Days formulation line. The Super Stay 7 Days lineup is formulated with "life-proof" technology, made from a flexible resin formula. Which means that no matter what you endure your nails too, the polish survives for at least 7 days with top coat touch-ups. Maybelline describe the Metallic Silk collection as their "most luxurious nail collection yet", due to the fact that they are enriched with gold leaf particles. The gold leaf particles offer ultra refined sparkles, giving the nails a beautiful glowing finish. 

There are three different shades in the Metallic Silk lineup, which are each inspired by a precious metal. There is Golden Thread* which is a lovely gold hue, Rose Veil* which is of course a pretty rose gold and finally there is Silver Satin*, a simple silver. Each shade looks beautiful all over the nail, as you can see below, but they are also perfect for creating accents on the nail, which is incredibly on trend this season! I love creating stripes on the nail, or covering the nail in little tiny polka dots. 

I think you can tell in the swatches below that these shades are gorgeous. As I was swatching these on the nail wheel, each colour looked perfect instantly, in just one quick coat. They are so glossy and shiny that they react to light just how you'd expect real metal to, they have a flawless texture to them, which means that the polish looks fantastic in any light. These polishes are perfect for the Christmas party season, I honestly think that every makeup fan needs them in their collection.

You can pick up the Metallic Silk polishes from Superdrug now, retailing at £4.49 a polish.
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