Monday, 31 October 2016

AQUIS is finally here in the UK | Haircare Innovation To Fall In Love With

If you've been reading my blog a long time, you might remember when I fell in love with my first AQUIS Hair Towel. Well, today I'm back to talk about another AQUIS hair innovation which is changing my haircare life. AQUIS is a haircare brand which, until very recently, was only available in the USA. The good news is that they are now available here in the UK, so there's no better time to fall in love with this amazing brand. 

AQUIS towels were created by American entrepreneur, Britta Cox. Britta historically struggled to keep her hair looking fantastic with traditional towels and through it was about time that somebody gave the haircare world a shakeup. Fed up of dull, lifeless hair and spending hours fixing it in salons, she started work in a Korean Lab. It was here that she developed Aquitex, an incredibly unique fabric, perfect for taking care of our hair. Aquitex is an absorbent fabric which effectively takes water away from the hair, without needing to rub the hair dry. This method protects the hair from the friction damage caused by rubbing your hair dry.

To use an AQUIS towel, you simply wrap it round your hair and the towel does the rest. When I first tried this brand last year it changed my life (and I'm not even being dramatic). As somebody who struggles with neck injuries, I've never been able to have the wait of a towel on my head. This meant that I had no other option, but to rub my hair dry and cause the damage. The original AQUIS is incredibly light weight, which meant I could wrap it around my head and leave it there, without the neck pain and without the damage! The towels and turban help dry hair faster than any other method I've tried, without the friction, which means your hair is left feeling cared for without the frizz!

I was really (overly) excited to add the AQUIS Hair Turban* to my haircare routine! Can you believe that I'm 24 and I've never ever used a hair turban?! The Hair Turban has all the great features of the original towel, but it's been produced in the hair turban format. It has an elasticated edge on one side and a button on the other. Which means you gently roll up the hair, fasten it in place and it does not budge. It's fantastic for my curly hair and it's available in loads of colours, mine is the Ivory White Shade.

The AQUIS Hair Turban* retails for £30 and I whole-heartedly think it's worth it! I use this every time I was my hair and it's the perfect addition to my routine!
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