Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hope, Freedom, Love Is FIVE!

Today Hope, Freedom, Love is FIVE YEARS OLD.

My little space on the internet is FIVE!

When I first started my blog, I had no idea it would turn into this beauty space on the internet. My blogspot space was a place to dream and escape, the URL is simply my name for that reason. I was a world away from 'branding a blog', I was just excited to have my name on a website. I named the blog Hope, Freedom, Love as it was the things I that were on my mind. I'd just moved to Southampton into my first home with my boyfriend, it was a place full of love and I was excited to be free and have my own space. During those first three years, I did not take my blog seriously (although I wish I had). It was something I'd come back to when I had a spare hour or two. Rewinding five years I had very little money, although at times I felt like a millionaire, especially when I'd splash the cash in Superdrug on a £1 nail polish, or a £4 eyeshadow palette.

My love for beauty really hit me by surprise and my blog about my life, quickly became a place to share my thoughts on my latest beauty products. After graduation I had a bit of time to spare, so I started putting a lot more effort into my blog. I decided to make Hope, Freedom, Love a daily beauty/lifestyle blog and promised to share new content every day at 7am. It was a promise I maintained until earlier this year, when I decided that I needed to take the weekends off. I still supply you with new blog posts every weekday at 7am and those two extra days lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders. 

Yes, my domain name is weird and the blog name has little relevance to the content. Yes, my blog template is pink and ignores the monochrome norm. However, this is my space and I still cannot believe that this is my blog. It's the best hobby a girl could wish for and I'm so happy to share it with you all!

Thank you for the love, help and support you give me every day. To everyone who has ever read a blog post, left a comment, liked an Instagram picture, retweeted a tweet - thank you! To every brand or PR which has believed in my blog and let me speak about amazing products - thank you! To my lovely boyfriend who lets me spend my weekends photographing makeup - thank you!

Tomorrow I have an amazing giveaway with KORRES, we'll be giving away a HAMPER of products to celebrate my special milestone! Tune in at 7am... <3 
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