Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The First Mist From DECIEM | NIOD

If you're a regular reader here on Hope, Freedom, Love you'll have heard of DECIEM, as they are one of my favourite beauty brands. However, if you're new here or if you’ve simply not heard of DECIEM, you have some serious catching up to do! I've never hidden my love with DECIEM, an umbrella beauty brand, who own a whole suite of impressive companies. Whether you want haircare, skincare, supplements or even hair removal products; they have you covered. Their latest innovation is from NIOD, DECIEM skincare brand which focuses on non-invasive skincare treatments. The Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist* (know as SDSM for short) is their first treatment mist. As with all NIOD products, the name of this mist feels pretty scary (my boyfriend has questioned me about it at least 5 times). However, when you work your way through all the science, the goal of SDSM is quite simple. 

Whilst you might be tempted to class this as a toner, DECIEM insist that this is a dermal treatment mist and should not be classified mistakenly. It's a mist that aims to act as a fundamental daily force against oxidative stress, water loss and inflammation. DECIEM explain that stress, water loss and inflammation are three main pillars that deteriorate the skin, contributing to the loss of visible skin quality over time. As with a lot of DECIEM products, the science behind SDSM is quite complex. However, in simple terms this mist is all about protecting our skin against pollution and other environmental stress. Using the mist regularly can protect your skin from inflammation and environmental stresses, whilst keeping your skin hydrated. 

DECIEM chose to package SDSM in a huge 240ml bottle, encouraging users of the product to use it frequently and to be generous with every application. Using the product is very simple, just spritz it onto your face and body as desired. Ideally you should apply the mist in the morning and at night after cleansing the skin, but before other treatments. As with all products of this nature, it's quite hard to test the long lasting effects. However, what I can say is that my skin loves this product and it feels noticeably more hydrated with every use. You can pick up SDSM from the DECIEM website here, priced at £34. 
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