Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Contouring On-The-Go With Rimmel London

I know that some people are bored of hearing about contouring, but I'm still obsessed with the whole trend. Especially as now contouring products are everywhere, meaning that you can really play with the trend at every budget. As much as I love my high end beauty products, I really enjoy buying and testing alternative products from the high street. I really do love treating myself to some of the more extravagant products on the market, but sometimes you want a bargain product, which doesn't cost the earth. Enter the Sculpting Palette from Rimmel London, a perfect contouring solution for under £7.

This product has actually been out on the market for a little while, but I completely forgot it existed! The Sculpting Palette is currently available in two different shade combinations (however they are named #002 and #003, which probably means that at least #001 will appear in the future). The aim of the palette is to give you everything you need for sculpting, in one handy little palette. The Sculpting Palette is quite a small compact, it's a rectangle shape finished with rounded corners. The base of the compact is black, the lid is finished with gold and it has three clear windows which lets the powders shine through. As I mentioned, the palette really is quite small, but Rimmel have managed to squeeze in three different powders and the palette is still easy to use and navigate. 

You've probably guessed by now, but in the palette there is a highlighter, a bronzer and a blusher. Rimmel say that the colours have been designed to blend with your natural skin tone for an effortless contoured finish. You can see by my swatches below that the colours are actually very subtle, they are not strongly pigmented, which makes it a great palette for beginners or for on-the-go application when you can't necessarily fix mistakes. The bronzer and the blusher have a matte finish, whilst the highlighter has some pretty shimmer running through it. 

I've been loving chucking this palette in my handbag for when I need a quick touch-up after work. You can pick up the Sculpting Palette from Boots now, priced at £6.99

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