Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Aqua Mirabilis | Roger & Gallet Introduce Skincare

If you've been sitting waiting for Roger & Gallet to enter the skincare market, your prayers have been answered! Four products have just been launched from my favourite French pharmacy brand and I'm thrilled that Roger & Gallet are now playing in this space. Legend has it that over 300 years ago monks created a powerful natural remedy called Aqua Mirabilis. It was a strictly secret recipe which used the rarest medicinal plants, selected by monks for their healing properties. This secret beauty elixir was often drunk or applied to parts of the body - protecting the users from the plague, treating burns and wounds, whilst preserving health and beauty.

Roger & Gallet are pleased to announce that they own this mystery formula. Aqua Mirabilis is created with 18 different plants, which each play their part to create this special remedy. The remedy has been used to create four new skincare products, two of which I'm sharing with you today.

The Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask is a fabulous dual purpose product. It's goal is to remove makeup, detoxify the skin and ooze radiance back into the skin. The Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask is designed to be the first step of the new beauty ritual. Combining the natural powers of 18 officinal plants, with extra fine Helianthus flower oil to create a formula that will be know for it's make-up removing efficacy. As I mentioned, there are two ways to use the Extra-Fine Cleansing Mask. The first is a makeup remover, you simply massage the gel into the skin and it turns into an oil. You apply the cleanser onto dry skin and when you rinse the mask with water it turns into a milky residue. The second way to use the product is as a detoxifying mask - simply apply all over the face, allow to absorb and then massage and rinse off the skin.

The second new product is the Beauty Vinegar, which sounds much more scary than it is! This product has been made with the 18 officinal plants, distilled plants and Fruit Vinegar. Cleansing vinegars date back to the 18th Century, historically they were made from flowers, fruits or spices and they quickly became a legendary treatment. The Beauty Vinegar from Roger & Gallet is a bi-phase texture, created to smooth, refine and clarify the skin. You use this product in the same way you would use an acid toner, simply put some on a cotton pad and rub over the face. It removes make-up residue, smoothes the skin and helps eliminate dead cells.

There are two other products in this line up; The Legendary Cream and the Double Extract (which is like a serum). If these products are anything like the two I've tried, they are going to be dreamy. Well done to Roger & Gallet for creating beautiful skincare which really tells a story, I'm so impressed! You can pick up the full line up from M&S today
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