Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cheap But Effective Multi-Masking With L’Oréal

It's definitely the season for face masks! Out of nowhere, tons of affordable face masks have come out of the woodwork. I'm definitely not complaining, it's about time that the high street pulled up their socks and gave us some face masks that actually deliver. Multi-masking has been around for a while, but before now it's consisted of celebrities using several expensive masks at once. Let's be honest, for Joe Bloggs it's just is not a realistic hobby or a wise use of money. 

However, if you've been wanted to try multi-masking on a smaller budget, it's time to rejoice. The team at L’Oréal has created three clay masks, each retailing for £7.99 (though currently on offer for £5) and each designed to combat a different issue. The campaign around these is huge, you can't walk into a Boots store without seeing them. Even my boyfriend noticed them and was asking me all about multi-masking, so it's really reaching across the demographics. Naturally I needed to give these masks a whirl and today I'm here to tell you all about them. As I mentioned, there are three new masks in total from L’Oréal. Today I'm going to be talking about the Detox Mask and the Purity Mask, the other one is the Glow Mask. 

Let's begin with the Detox MaskL’Oréal say this mask is "indulgent and transformative" and I definitely have to agree. As with all the masks, the Detox Mask is pure clay, but this particular formula has been super-charged with charcoal. Charcoal is well know for it's cleansing and detoxing properties. It's famous for it's ability to clear out pores, drawing out impurities. You unscrew the lid to reveal a deep, black, charcoal mask, which is thick in texture and definitely feels luxurious. I always apply my masks with a foundation brush, as it ensures that you get an even coverage all over your face. This mask is incredibly creamy and it applies to the skin really well. As the mask dries it gets very tight on the skin, it's a bit of a nightmare to get off the skin, but when you do it leaves a purified and radiant complexion. It treats all spots and blackheads with ease, leaving the skin looking more balanced. 

The Purity Mask has all the lovely properties of the Detox Mask, just with a different focus. When you unscrew the lid you are greeted with a lovely mint green mask, it's just as creamy and rich as the Detox Mask. It's another pure clay face mask, but this time it's been infused with Eucalyptus, which is great for purifying and mattifying the skin. I personally love the smell of Eucalyptus, it always reminds me of spas, so it's a lovely mask for recreating your own spa at home. The Purify mask is great for using on an oily t-zone, as it clears shiny and oily skin, leaving your skin looking mattified.

You really have to pinch yourself when you're using these masks, they perform beautifully and they well outperform their price point. I love that they are readily available in Boots and I love that I can afford to buy all three, without getting buyers guilt at the checkout! 

Will you be trying the multi-mask trend? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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