Tuesday, 28 June 2016

The Eyes Uncovered Palette From Collection | Nude Rose

In 2014 All About The Eyes Palette by Little Mix took me completely by surprise. I never thought a palette that retails for £3.19 could blow me away - but it did! Last year Collection added three new palettes to their lineup, dubbed the Eyes Uncovered palettes. Together they offered everything you need to create a neutral eye, or something a little more smokey. Fast forward another year and there are now six palettes in the Eyes Uncovered lineup. The latest being 'Nude Rose' which offers a blend of pink and purple hues, perfect for us green-eyed girls! Naturally I had to try one and see how they compared to the one I originally fell in love with.

The Eyes Uncovered palette lineup all come with six pretty eyeshadow shades. They are packaged in a black matte box, which is made of cardboard. There is a clear window on the front which lets the colours show through and you just flip up the lid to access the colours. The front is finished with some pretty gold lettering, which definitely makes it feel like something from a higher end brand. In times gone by, the high street brands have often made packaging which is more garish so that it stands out on the shelves. I'm glad that brands are now keeping it more simple, as I think the sleek black packaging offers something for everyone.

The palette is designed to give you a whole eyeshadow look in one palette. You start by blending the first shade all over the lid, then you add definition with the medium shades to the crease and the centre of the eyelid. For more impact you can then get the darker shades and work them into the outer corner towards the center of the lid. You can even use the darker shades as an eyeliner and along the lower lash line. You can they add the lightest shade to the inner corner and under your brow bone for a quick highlight.

As with the older palettes, the quality of these eyeshadows is really commendable. They are really pigmented and they apply beautifully to the lid. You do get a reasonable amount of fallout, which is pretty common with high street brands. You can obviously get away with it more on the lighter shades, but when you're working with the dark purple, you need to do a bit of clean up with your concealer brush. The eyeshadows don't feel chalky and they are easy to apply and blend. They even last all day when paired with a primer!

I think if you're a bit of an established beauty addict, you're likely to have palettes you'll love more than this. However, for £3.99 you really can't go wrong; it's a great palette to experiment with, or to travel with if you're scared about your more expensive palettes getting broken. All-in-all, whether you're a makeup newcomer or an established beauty addict, this is for you! You can pick one up from Superdrug here

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