Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tropical Heaven from The Body Shop | Pinita Colada

This new collection from The Body Shop is swimming in blogger hype, but I cannot help but join in. As soon as I sure the Pinita Colada collection I knew I'd love it - it's every scent I love in a beauty product all rolled into one. So when you pair my favourite scent with the famous formulations from The Body Shop, you have a collection that is too good to miss. Needless to say, after a quick sniff in store, I was walking away with some new products for my beauty stash.

I've banged on about my love of coconut a lot here on Hope, Freedom, Love so I will save you the story this time. However, I'm sure I don't need to point out that the coconut in the Pinita Colada Collection immediately caught my eye. The coconut has been mixed with pineapple, which gives it a fruity hit, delivering a fragrance that takes me straight to heaven. It's a scent combination that is so good that you'll want to eat it, but I'm sure it's safer to just make yourself a cocktail! 

The PiƱita Colada Collection has four different items, giving you four different ways to get your tropical hit. There's the Pinita Colada Shower Gel, the Pinita Colada Body Scrub (which actually has pieces of real coconut mixed in), the Pinita Colada Body Sorbet and the Pinita Colada Body Butter. I picked up the Shower Gel and Body Butter which are both famous formulations and do not disappoint. The Body Butter gives you 24-hours of hydration, so I imagine it's going to be amazing on holidays when you need to rehydrate from the sun. I'm a big fan of layering scents from The Body Shop, using the shower gel followed by the body butter ensures you'll be smelling tropical all day long!

Prices for the Pinita Colada range start at £5 and you can buy the range in store and online here.

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