Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Desert Moon Highlighter | KIKO Wanderlust Collection

When I saw the Wanderlust collection from KIKO drop into my inbox I was instantly in love. The new collection is limited-edition for summer, inspired by the passion for travel. There is a HUGE range of products including a foundation, a DD cream, eyeshadow, volume-boosting mascara. There are a range of shiny, bold lipsticks, blushers, bronzers, a highlighter, a Wanderlust clutch and two fragrances. I placed an order straight away and the Desert Moon Highlighter is now part of my makeup stash. 

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but some of the KIKO packaging is just beautifully. When the Desert Moon Highlighter arrived at my door, I could not help but stare at it. KIKO MILANO selected designer Ross Lovegrove to create the packaging collection. He explored the brand in great depth to create something that suited KIKO’s DNA. He says it’s a combination of elegance, sensuality, femininity, breeziness and usefulness. He says that the curvy lines are inspired by the female body and the three-dimensional design helps to reflect light from the pattern. The highlighter comes packaged in an elegant tub, finished with a coral-tinged gold lid. The pattern on the lid is designed to give you a more comfortable grip, making it easier to open and close the product. When you open the lid there is a protective cushion, which is designed to protect the product.

The highlighter itself is a collection of little pearls, which are very lightly scented. The highlighter is not the intense pigmented highlighters that we are used to seeing recently. Instead it creates a very natural radiant look, which is perfect to apply to all the normal areas of your face. It’s a very fine consistency, which just adds a fresh sheen to the skin. This is the first loose highlighter I’ve tried and whilst it’s a little less convenient, I cannot get over the true beauty of the product. You can pick up the Desert Moon Highlighter online, or in stores for £19.90.

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