Monday, 9 May 2016

Baume de Rose gets a makeover | Spring 2016

The Spring collection from By Terry is designed to give you a fresh faced look. Providing with products that offer sparkle, luminosity and a pop of colour. They have a whole host of new products, which offer a bit of a different colour palette to play with, offering their "Happy Glow" therapy.  As part of their new collection, they've launched two new shades of their famous ‘Baume De Rose’ lip formula.

Baume de Rose is a cult product on the beauty scene, offering a lip balm which offers nourishing active ingredients. The lip balm is designed to repair and protect lips (and cuticles). The formula is incredibly rich, offering moisture and soothing properties. Inside the formula there are lots of lovely ingredients, including rose wax, shea butter and SPF 15. For Spring 2016, By Terry has given Baume de Rose a bit of a makeover. The traditional Baume de Rose formula has been infused with long-wear pigments to create new limited shades. The new Baume de Rose shades give your lips a sheer tint, whilst still giving your lips the protection they need. 

The two new shades include ‘Coral Stellar*’ has a pink/peach tint while ‘Mauve Moon*’ is a subtle lilac shade which is designed to make your teeth look whiter. These lip balms are nourishing, whilst adding a pop of iridescent colour. If you've had your eye on the Baume de Rose formula from By Terry, now would be the perfect time to try it! You can pick up these new shades from Cult Beauty for £35 each.

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