Friday, 29 April 2016

My April Favourites

If I'm honest, I did not have the best April, so I'm quite glad to be moving into May. I'm actually going on holiday next week, so I'm going to be taking a brief break - I'll be back blogging on May 9th. Before I go though, I have one important post to share with you all, my April Favourites! I actually tried a lot of fabulous makeup last month, I had lots of amazing Sephora goodies arrive, plus lots of other Spring makeup. It it was hard to narrow it down, but here are the three things I've been loving this month. 

Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum
I actually took this Fleur de Figuier perfume on our American tour last year, so not only did I finish up the bottle, but every time I spritz it, it's full of amazing summertime memories. It's literally my favourite perfume and it holy grail status in my collection, I simply cannot be without it. I've definitely made no secret of my Roger & Gallet love in the the past, as the Fleur de Figuier scent literally takes over my house. I have it all from the the Fragrant Water, to the moisturiser, to the hand cream and I love everything. Inside the fragrance we have a combination of; Fig Pulp, Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn, Patchouli, Musk, Fig Accord and Violet Wood. It's deliciously sweet and it's really fruity. However, it's all underpinned with a floral, musky finish. For me, it's literally my perfect scent, it's everything I look for in a perfume, especially in the Spring.

Even if you're not a highlighter fanatic, I don't think you can deny that the Glow Kits from ABH are swoon-worthy. There are two shades of the Glow Kit, but I oped for the shade 'Gleam' as it's the one designed for lighter skin tones. The palette includes four different metallic powder highlighters, capable of creating intense luminosity. The shades inside the Gleam palette include; Mimosa (a golden peach shade), Hard Candy (a peach shade with a pink pearl finish), Starburst (a iridescent cool pink) and Crushed Pearl (a glimmering pink and silver with a chrome finish). The formula of each highlighter is really lovely. They are designed to be used both wet and dry, offering you the opportunity to really step up the pigmentation. The powders are finely-milled and they are actually to designed to work well as eyeshadows.

I naturally have quite long lashes, what I really lack is the oomph and a definition. Despite my brunette locks, I lack the dark lashes to match. So I ultimately look for a mascara that will give me lots of dramatic definition and a jet black colour. The Ultra Volume Mascara is all about the brush, which is Revlon's Lash Plumping Brush. The brush has triple grooves which allows the brush to hold lots of formula. The brush has a combination of both short and long bristles, which stops the mascara being clumpy. The brush is large and beefy, which means you can really coat your lashes in a lot of product. Easily applying two coats without getting your lashes in a complete mess.

What were your favourite products this month? I'd love to hear about them in the comments! 
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