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Haircare, Makeup & Skincare from ESPA | British Beauty Week

Back in 2013, right here on Hope, Freedom, Love I ran a four-part series, which covered my favourite products from the British beauty industry. Three years later, I’m back with a new and improved British Beauty Series. This week I’m bringing you FIVE amazing British brands and sharing with you why I love them so much. I have some fabulous new products and I even have two exclusive interviews with the ladies behind some of the brands. 

I’m kicking things off with a look at ESPA, an award-winning spa company that has been rocking the beauty industry for over 20 years. They cover five continents, sharing their innovative collection of natural spa products and treatments. They are leading the way in the modern spa industry, installing their British heritage in their offices across the world.

So ESPA help some of the world’s finest hotels helping them create spas of true distinction, but they also have a broad range of products, which get rave reviews from bloggers worldwide.  All their products are make their manufacturing facility here in the UK. Headed by a specialist formulations team and tested by therapists worldwide; so you can guarantee you’re getting a great product.

Their latest launch is something ESPA are incredibly excited about as they are entering the hair care industry. ESPA say that ‘Shampoo’ and ‘Conditioner’ are two of the most searched terms on their website and they were the most requested products over social media last year. So they are pretty sure that beauty enthusiasts and ESPA fans are going to be thrilled by the news. Their Purifying Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner are made without Silicone, SLS and SLES. The range is designed to be a high-performance haircare collection, using the very ingredients to deeply cleanse and intensely rejuvenate all hair types.

The Purifying Shampoo has been made with honey, jojoba and olive oil, plus natural plant cleansers. The ingredients create a creamy, rich lather, which gently cleanses your hair and removes product build up. It’s very gentle, so it’s designed for even the most sensitive scalps, cleansing without irritation. The Nourishing Conditioner has been made with Protein-rich Soy, Wheat and Corn Extracts, ProVitamin B5, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil and Olive Oil. The formula imitates the natural amino acids found in our hair; which helps the hair absorb and retain moisture. The conditioner hydrates, soothes and strengthens, leaving hair looking rejuvenated and healthy.

If haircare isn’t your thing, I’ve got several other favourites from the brand. My ultimate favourite is the ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. I’ve spoken about this Tinted Moisturiser from ESPA on my blog before and I’m a huge fan of it. Before trying this product from ESPA I never understood Tinted Moisturiser, as they were always the wrong colour, rubbish coverage and oily formulas. This product literally changed my life! You have to spend a while blending it into your skin, but afterwards it gives you a completely even skintone. It’s buildable, so you can keep adding extra coverage and then I just add a little concealer over blemishes. The best thing is that really leaves your skin GLOWING, it’s beautiful.

Another favourite of mine is the ESPA Refining Skin Polish, which is a exfoliator that aims to deeply cleanse and renew. The formula itself is a cream, which has little exfoliating beads inside of it. It's got quite a rough texture to it when you touch it but it feels nice on the skin. To use the polish you make your skin damn and apply the cream to your skin. You then massage it around your face in circular motions. You then have to rinse it off thoroughly, really throughly! Otherwise you apply your foundation and you end up finding little beads. When I use this once a week on a Sunday, I see a good difference in my skin. It definitely leaves my skin feeling brighter and it gives my skin more of an even texture. 

I'd love to know what you think of ESPA in the comments below. Have you tried any of their products? If so, which is your favourite?
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