Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Coconut Top Coat from Ciaté

I can quite openly admit that I'm a Seche Vite girl. Over the years I've tried tons of different top coats and I've settled on the conclusion that nothing compares. So unless something really grabs my attention, I rarely bother buying any alternatives. However, something about the The Coconut Top Coat from Ciaté drew me in. If I'm honest, it's probably the mentioning of coconut, as I'm a bit of a coconut addict.

The Coconut Top Coat from Ciaté offers a quick finish and a formula that stops your polish from chipping. It's quite thin but you only need one quick coat to lock in your colour and keep your manicure looking good. I've been impressed by the lasting power this has, my nails have definitely been chip free than longer than I normally expect. As with all Ciaté polishes, it's really easy to apply as the brush and ergonomic handle is easy to use, offering precise application. It dries fairly quickly, not as quick as Seche Vite, but it certainly up there. The formula dries glossy, but I'd definitely prefer it to be a bit more dramatic - I personally love my nails when they have the gel effect that Seche Vite gives you.

I completely bought this on a whim, so when I couldn't smell coconut whilst I was painting my nails, I just assumed there was coconut in the formula. However, it turns out that this is actually a scented top coat - but you can only smell the coconut when it's dry. It completely took me by surprise and I could not resist giving my nails a sniff at any given opportunity (which is never a good look). 

It's honestly really refreshing to have a scented top coat, it's nice to leave the chemical scents behind. One whiff of this and you can dream that you're on a beach somewhere with a cocktail - I highly recommend. You can pick up the Coconut Top Coat from Ciaté here from Look Fantastic for £12
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