Monday, 25 January 2016

Bargain Skincare from NIVEA | Budget Beauty Week

January can be a pretty tough month for budgeting, once all the fun of Christmas is over, many of us are simply counting the days until the next payday. That's why this week on Hope, Freedom, Love I'm bringing my readers Beauty Budget Week. A whole week dedicated to beauty products that perform well but don't break the bank. Meaning that you can treat yourself to something new and not feel the new year guilt!

Today I'm kicking off the week with some NIVEA, which will be a familiar brand to most people. It's been on the beauty shelves since 1911 and it's not a face that has ever really disappeared from the beauty community. I can remember receiving a wash bag full of NIVEA products every Christmas when I was younger, as they create simple and effective products that work no matter how old you are. 

If you happen to be looking for something new to try, NIVEA tends to be a good place to start. Not only do NIVEA create their classic cult products, which as the NIVEA Creme which comes in the classic blue tin. They also create some pretty innovative products which are really exciting. I remember the In-Shower Body Moisturiser launching and it completely blew the blogging community away. You simply wash as normal in the shower and then you follow your shower gel with this innovative body cream. Simply coat your skin and then wash it off, you're left with soft moisturised skin and you don't need to moisturise after your shower either! It's such an simple idea, but it's not like anything we've ever experienced before. 

Another NIVEA launch that I remember really well is the Lip Butter Lip Tin Range. These simple lip butters came packaged in a simple little tin and people went mad for their scents and flavours. The flavours include the original scent plus; Raspberry Rose, Coconut, Caramel Cream, Blueberry and Vanilla Macadamia. The butters are all slightly tinted depending on their scent and they are super soft to the touch. They are perfect for this time of year and they only cost £2, bargain! 

The micellar craze really blew up last year and NIVEA was one of the first brands out on the high street giving it a go. The Double Effective Eye Make-up Remover is a two-phase formula, designed to give some of the more expensive brands a run for their money. There's a water phase and an oil phase which you mix together to give you an extra strength formula. The oil is designed to remove even the strongest waterproof mascara and eye-make-up, whilst the water protects and cares for your eyes. The Sensitive Caring Micellar Water boasts a no-nonsense 3 in 1 formula which you can use on both your face or your eyes. It removes makeup gently so you don't have to rub your skin and it moisturises to reduce redness, tightness and dryness.

If you're on a budget but you still want to experiment with exciting products, I highly recommend browsing the NIVEA shelves in your local shops. You'll be amazed by what you find! 
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