Friday, 29 January 2016

Quality Fragrance Without Breaking The Bank | Budget Beauty Week

January can be a pretty tough month for budgeting, once all the fun of Christmas is over, many of us are simply counting the days until the next payday. That's why this week on Hope, Freedom, Love I'm bringing my readers Beauty Budget Week. A whole week dedicated to beauty products that perform well but don't break the bank. Meaning that you can treat yourself to something new and not feel the new year guilt!

So far this week I've covered skincare, makeup and nails, so today I wanted to talk about fragrance. As we're talking about decent products that don't break the bank, I really wanted to dedicate this post to The Library of Fragrance. The Library of Fragrance had a really great last year in 2015, they took the beauty world by storm and everybody was talking about them! The Library of Fragrance products are produced by Demeter Fragrance Library Inc (a New York company). They began in 1996 with just three scents (Dirt, Grass and Tomato) and now they have over 300! 101 of these scents are available here in the UK via the The Library of Fragrance website, with a select few available in Boots

What I love most about The Library of Fragrance is the whole premise of the business. They took the mission to create the scents that surround us everyday and nobody thinks to make into perfume. They are the scents that are forgotten about and completely under appreciated. The scents are simple and uncomplicated, they don't overcomplicate the market with hundreds of molecules and lists of notes. Instead, they capture one single scent at a time and they are subtle. This allows you to appreciate one single scent or layer them up to make something unique to you. 

Here are the three scents from The Library of Fragrance which make up my collection. You'll see that some of the scents are simple, some are a little more harder to explain. For example 'Peach' is everything you would expect, a fresh scent which resembles the fresh fruit on a ripe Spring day. 'Pistachio Ice Cream' is that really comforting feeling about being on holiday. It's the fresh Italian air, it's the delicious ice cream sweetness, which has a really nutty undertone to it. The Paperback Cologne is a little more complex, this one is designed to celebrate our love of literature, bringing the smell of an old fashioned book shop to our dressing table.  It's very sweet, it has this a strong vanilla note, brought alive by the woody musty, dusty smell running through it. 

Do you know the best bit of all this? They only retail for £15 each, which is a fraction of the price of a lot of fragrances on the market. You can test these fragrances in Boots stores, each one will bring back a certain memory or remind you of your favourite things. Meanwhile, you can check out the range on the Boots website
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