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My Favourite Posts of 2015

When I saw Megan's blog post sharing her favourite blog posts from 2015, I felt completely inspired! It's so rare that I actually take the time to look back at my old blog posts and reflect on the year gone by. I thought it would be really nice to take a peek back at all my posts from the year and select the ones that I really enjoyed writing. So here we have it, twelve blog posts from 2015, which are some of my favourites on Hope, Freedom, Love. 

January - My First Ever Perfume Repurchase
In January I shared my first ever perfume repurchase, which is exactly what it says on the tin. I try a lot of perfumes and most of them I finish and then forget they ever existed. When I finished 'Dot' by Marc Jacobs, I knew I just couldn't be without it, sparking a duty free purchase on the way back from San Diego. 

February - My Favourite Palettes
I'm not ashamed to admit that many more palettes have joined my collection since I wrote this blog post in February. I'm a complete palette addict and I can never resist adding another one to my collection. This blog post outlined my top palettes at a variety of different price points, from all different categories. If you read this blog post, I cannot be held accountable for the shopping that follows!

March - The Exceptional Radiant Tinted Moisturiser From ESPA
It's completely fair to say that I fell in love with the Exceptional Radiant Tinted Moisturiser From ESPA. Before trying it, I'd never really understood the hype with tinted moisturisers, but this just ticked all the boxes. It matched my skin perfectly, it lasted well whatever the weather and it gave my complexion an incredible glow. 

April - The Escentual #CleansingMilkTrial
I really enjoyed being part of the Escentual #CleansingMilkTrial in April and I was humbled to be involved. A whopping 100 beauty fans tested seven different cleansing milks (completely blind) and had to report back their findings. The Cleansing Milks were from a variety of brands, at a completely different set of price points. 

May - The Spring Beauty Edit
In the middle of the night a idea sprung into my head - seasonly beauty edits! I would test tons of products and create a list of the best items to try during the season. I reached out to all my favourite brands and I was incredibly touched with how many of them wanted to be involved. The Spring Beauty Edit was born and you guys absolutely loved reading the blog post! 

June - Roger & Gallet Launch Their First Perfume
I completely fell in love with Roger & Gallet in 2015, they went from a brand I barely knew and became a brand I used every single day. The launch of the Fleur de Figuer Eau De Parfum just sealed the deal for me and I wore the scent everyday until I (literally finished the bottle). If you love fig scents, you have to read this blog post, I don't think you'll be able to resist a purchase!

July - How To Use Your Digital SLR In Manual Mode
I've been asked so many times to share my photography tips, but I didn't want to share the stuff you see time and time again. Instead I wrote a "how to" guide on using your SLR in manual mode. The aim of the game was to explain the camera jargon that nobody understands, encouraging you all to not be afraid of the manual mode on your own camera.

August - Inside My Foundation Stash
In August I gave you a peek inside my foundation drawer! My foundation collection had gotten a little out of hand and to be honest, I needed to remember why I loved all the foundations in my collection. I went on a re-testing spree and shared my thoughts on the contents of my foundation stash. If you have oily/combination skin which can get a bit dehydrated in the winter, this post is for you!

September - Eyeshadow Pencils For Every Budget
If like me you have a soft spot for eyeshadow pencils, you'll love this blog post. It's all about my eyeshadow pencil collection and there is something for every budget. Whether you've got £3 to spend or £30 to spare, there's something for everyone. 

October - The Autumn Beauty Edit
Following the success of my Spring Beauty Edit, I was really excited to bring an Autumn Beauty Edit to Hope, Freedom, Love. Little did I know that you guys would love this post even more than the Spring Edit and I'd be able to bring lots of great products to the forefront.  Whether you want to try the Autumn/Winter makeup trends, you want a new perfume or you want to treat your skin - there's something in this post for you! 

November - Currently In My Makeup Bag
As we approached the end of the year, I'd got myself in a bit of a makeup rut. I had tons of incredible makeup products stacked up on my dressing table. So I wanted to give you a peek inside my current makeup bag. We're talking glitter, bronzed hues and some highlighting products that pack a punch.

December - Huge Christmas Gift Guide For Her
I really wanted to share Christmas Gift Guides on Hope, Freedom, Love, but I really wanted to give it some serious thought. I didn't just want to pluck some ideas off the internet, I wanted to handpick the gifts and try them all myself. I had three gift guides in total (Gifts For Her, Gifts For Him and Best Stocking Fillers) but my Gifts For Her gift guide was by far my favourite. The guides have been incredibly successful and I'm so thankful to the brands to supporting this feature and all the others I've created this year.

I'd love to know which of these blog posts are your favourite? If you have your own blog, which of your own blog posts stand out to you?
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