Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Cosmic Bronze by Fleur de Force Makeup

I'm pretty excited with the news that Fleur de Force will be expanding her makeup line further in 2016. Fleur’s makeup line launched late in 2015 and I was instantly interested in trying something from the range. She's a Youtuber that I've followed for a long time, all the content she produces really strikes a chord with me. Whilst I wait (impatiently) for the new products to drop, I thought I'd give some other products a quick test. Naturally being a bit of an eyeshadow fan, I wouldn't be able to rest until the second palette was part of my collection.

Fleur mentioned at the launch of her range that she’s never found the "perfect eyeshadow quad". So the aim for her own range, was to create something that gave you the perfect, yet simple look, all in one palette. The range launched with two Eyeshadow Quads, each which come with their own set of shades. I originally picked up Lunar Rose (a rose and lilac themed palette) and now I'm back with Cosmic Bronze, which is more of a brown-nude themed palette. As with Lunar Rose, Cosmic Bronze comes in a black compact, which has a clear lid to show off the colours inside. There's also a little tiny brush included, just incase you want to apply the eyeshadows on-the-go.

Inside the Cosmic Bronze palette there are four shades, which you can use on their own, or build up for a full eye look. The shades include a cream colour which is slightly shimmery, there is a classic taupe shade which is perfect for blending all the shades together, my favourite is a mink shimmer shade which looks incredible and lastly there's a dark chocolate brown which is perfect through the crease. Just like the other palette, the shades are true to the colour you see in the in the pan and they have just the right amount of pigment. For example, the darker shades are not too pigmented that they difficult to use, it's just great for washing over the lid and walking out the door. I've spoken before about my oily eyelids, but these eyeshadows last really well on my skin, they actually happen to last all day, which makes them a winner for me! 

The eyeshadow quads retail for £8.99 each, which I actually think is pretty reasonable. It's very close to standard high street prices and you're getting a palette that has clearly had a lot of thought put into it. The quads are formulated without parabens, but it's worth mentioning that the quads do contain Talc. Talc personally does not bother me, but I know it will be important for some people out there!
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