Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Kiehl's Announces Collaboration with Tinie Tempah & MTV Staying Alive Charity

If someone had told me a year ago that Tinie Tempah would collaborate with Kiehl's, I would have told them they were bonkers. However, that is exactly what has happened! It definitely initially seemed like a weird collaboration, but it's good to see something a bit different and the collaboration is for an incredible cause. 

Kiehl's is proud to announce that they have chosen the MTV Staying Alive Foundation as their official charity partner for 2015. In order to celebrate the partnership, Tinie Tempah (who is the ambassador of MTV Staying Alive) has designed a special Limited Edition tub of the Ultra Facial Cream*. 
With each sale of the Limited Edition tub of the Ultra Facial Cream, Kiehl’s UK will be donating £2 to the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, which is a HIV prevention charity. Kiehl's actually has a longstanding heritage of working to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic, starting way back in the 1980's. Kiehl’s are proud that even just in the last ten years, they've actually raised more than $2,500,000 for the cause.

The limited edition 125ml tub of Ultra Facial Cream, comes with a sticker on the lid, which has been decorated with a purple and blue colour scheme. It features the singers name and the logo of the MTV Staying Alive charity. The design definitely adds a splash of colour to the classic plain Kiehl's packaging, so it definitely stands out on the shelf. The Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is one of their most iconic products, it's got a very light texture and it aims to give you 24-hours of moisture.

Although I found the collaboration a little weird at first, I definitely feel that the collaboration will catch the eye of many people who are not normally skincare fans. In particular the men (like my boyfriend) who tend to avoid it at all cost! You can pick up the Limited Edition Tub of Ultra Facial Cream from the Kiehl's website for £43.50 here
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